The Timeline of Ousting the Ruling Elite – Repost

The Timeline of Ousting the Ruling Elite
Posted on April 11, 2012 by freedom4humanity
In May 2008 I made major shifts in my life and became fully dedicated to serving humanity and ushering in the coming golden age. I left my marriage, ended the work I was doing and even moved to a new city. I looked to be retired but was instead now working full time doing whatever was asked of me in terms of serving the Light and ending duality’s long reign here on Earth.
For the rest of that year I was unfocused but early in the new year, early in 2009, I took the intention of understanding how humanity worked, understanding the truth in terms of world affairs. The unseen world was eager to support this intention and over the next nine or ten months I was on a crash course learning about the self-interested ruling elite and their systemic control over world affairs. Humanity was deeply under their control driven by the corrupt worldwide banking systems which funneled the world’s wealth into their greedy hands and drove world politics, making elected officials pawns to do their bidding. Leaders and governments who resisted were bribed or taken out by force including murders and staged revolutions. These are the same forces who staged the Inquisition and the witch hunts centuries ago and I had often run afoul of them and been killed prematurely in past lives. In short, I had deep rooted fears in terms of facing them.
By the fall of 2009, I was ready to begin taking action and guided to start writing a blog. For three weeks I wrestled with this knowing and many fears surfaced. Eventually I cut through them and the blog was launched in December of 2009. It has been a mainstay ever since.
In the first half of 2010 I learned that humanity is ripe for change. The earth’s ruling elite had been supported by powerful off world supporters but all of that shifted around the turn of the century and the ruling elite now stood alone. In May of 2010 about two years after making the major shifts, I took the intention of doing whatever I was given to do in terms of ousting the ruling elite. My primary interest has long been raising human consciousness and preparing the way for Ascension and I could see that the ruling elite and their control over the mass media was preventing people from getting truthful information about Ascension, information they need in order to make informed decisions as to whether or not they want to take part. This was the main driving force in my decision to do whatever was given me to oust the ruling elite and thereby take back humanity’s power.
I did not know about timelines when I made that decision but what I had actually done was step into the timeline of ousting the ruling elite. That timeline was and is well populated and began to compete with the ruling elite’s timeline to continue with the status quo. Everything in this universe is determined by timelines. All possible outcomes are already in place as a timeline. If you can imagine something, the timeline exists for that possibility.
Some timelines are well populated and these we call shared realities. Humanity on earth is living in a shared reality and the timeline chosen each and every moment in time is the collective timeline with the greatest weight of consciousness. For millennia, self interested forces have determined humanity’s collective timeline and kept humanity in limited consciousness where most did not know the power of their choices and the power of their intentions. Humanity’s shared timeline has been up for grabs this past decade or two and ousting the ruling elite has become an ever more popular choice. The ruling elite has long had the advantage of a coordinated effort and has used a divide and conquer strategy to great effect. In this way they have maintained control over humanity’s shared timeline even though they are small in numbers, they voted in block, whereas those opposed either did not vote or voted for many different timelines and none had enough votes to superseded the ruling elite’s choice.
That shifted a few years ago and the timeline of ousting the ruling elite began to outweigh the ruling elite’s chosen timeline of continuing the status quo. My choice and my intention of helping in the ousting of the ruling elite placed me solidly on this by then well populated timeline and we have slowly but inexorably marched toward that moment in time where this timeline supersedes the ruling elite’s timeline and becomes our shared reality.
Soon, in fact very soon, the tipping point will be reached and like the Berlin Wall falling in 1989, humanity will experience a worldwide changing of the guard as the ruling elite is ousted and humans favoring oneness and abundance take control. All of this is happening through mass arrests and those being arrested are the ruling elite and their henchmen. We are ushering in the golden age.
Freedom for humanity…

Aside from the mass arrests, this post written over two years ago is very accurate. We are now entering the phase of the physical ousting of the ruling elite; either by mass arrests or some other means. World wide governance shifts will soon follow; and the Light based timeline of oneness and abundance will then become humanity’s shared timeline.

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4 Responses to The Timeline of Ousting the Ruling Elite – Repost

  1. Hi John have you considered the work of John Lamb Lash to gain an understanding of Gaia Sophia and her relationship to humans – this has helped me put the pieces together?

    It somehow puts the whole humanity in likely the oldest and only authentic concept of how we came here to Earth and how we have been lead the way we have been, the belief systems, with the controlled mess that so many are subservient to due to the predators who have taken away our true spirituality.

    It is true freedom for humanity to have this understanding, and it is really so obvious…

  2. ShaunieL says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. This fits into my understanding of these events which I have been studying for most of my life.

    However, there is one small error in the info aside from the mass arrests, the Berlin wall officially came down on October 9, 1989 and I remember it well.

    Now it is true that events that led up to the final tearing down off the wall were set in motion by Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987.

    Bless you for all you are doing.

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