Returning to the Light

Barbie’s amazing spiritual journey continues as does her high level of dedication. She calls daily and targets progress after our exploratory conversation. Her energy field is now free of interference and she is progressing steadily toward her four part objective of taking back her power, becoming authentic, living her mission and being fully sovereign.

On Sunday, she called reporting unshakable anxiety that had arrived in the night and a golf ball sized pain in her back just below her right shoulder blade that refused to go away despite her by now considerable skills in dealing with energetic issues and requests she had made to her angels and guidance team for their assistance.

She has not yet learned to trust the information she receives energetically and a big part of my contribution is to verbalize the information I receive as we work together. A malevolent entity had invaded her field in the night and remained, causing the anxiety and the pain. We began the invocation portion which always ends our sessions, calling in our angels and our guides along with other beings of the Light to assist us in the day’s progress. Once our teams were assembled, Barbie addressed the entity, clearing stating; ‘You are not invited, you are not welcome, by cosmic law you must leave. Leave now.’

At first nothing happened and I asked her to repeat the clearing statement. Suddenly I experienced jolt after jolt of energy. It was not painful, nor did I go into fear of any kind. I simply transformed each jolt, allowing it to pass through me and be grounded in Gaia. Later, I came to realize this was an attack from the entity, ‘his’ best shot so to speak. This went on for perhaps five minutes and I just held the space Barbie had created of requiring the entity to leave. It came to me that the entity was the higher self of a person Barbie had encountered in many past lives who has consistently served the dark and had caused her death of several occasions. A truly fearsome opponent during lifetime after lifetime; however, a close soul relative with origins of Light.

Finally the entity requested our help in transitioning into the Light. This is a rare privilege and I readily agreed and the entity soon left within the dimension of energy, saying ‘Thank-you’ when I opened myself to telepathic communications. The pain then revealed itself as a fatal wound from a previous lifetime and I did my part in extracting the weapon and invoking healing.

At the level of energy, all was complete but at the level of physicality and experience, Barbie still had work to do…work she must do on her own and we ended our session for what we have come to call the ‘accept and allow’ portion of the day’s work.

She called back an hour or two later to get my advice in terms of responding to a letter from her parents, who are continuing in their attempts to manipulate Barbie into giving away her power and returning to life under their control. The timing of this latest letter was no accident; nor was Barbie’s urgency in responding appropriately allowing this matter to break up the experiential portion of dealing with the entity. When that work was done, she returned to the accept and allow portion and later reported ‘much weirdness’.

The entity hung around requesting forgiveness for past life abuses of Barbie including the death by a weapon in her back. Barbie experienced it as a shinning knife which she removed as she repeated ‘I forgive you. These were simply experiences. I forgive you.’ In due course, the entity left and the pain disappeared.

Now the bigger picture.

The entity was the higher self of a high ranking dark official. At first, I thought it may be a family member in this lifetime but that did not turn out to be the case. The entity knew of the work Barbie and I have been doing together and came in service of dark agendas of interference and regaining control over Barbie. He is well aware that the dark is losing the overall battle to control humanity and his back up plan was to surrender to the Light if he was found out and his attacks were rebuffed. That is what happened.

The session with Barbie that followed was all part of returning to the Light. All of the current dark hierarchy will eventually return to the Light, and this was pioneering one of the processes that will be used.

Awesome to assist in this process.

Freedom for humanity…

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5 Responses to Returning to the Light

  1. Glad this dark entity had returned to the light. May all the dark ones soon return to the light.

  2. I am Debbie Christy, I completely understand as it is similar to the work that I have been swamped with almost every spare moment for over a year now. It seems that the astral plane is finally gettting much clearer. Several dark ones have crossed back to the light, but still a more difficult process than those just lost or confused about their death. I have cleared negative spirit attachments from probably hundreds of people. Thank you for your help, I know it is a full time job we rarely get paid for and most do not know it exists. Even those I have cleared, some do not have a clue on a conscious level they lived with attachments for years and are simply not even ready to be told. Only their higher self knows. 🙂

    • Thank you, Debbie. Great feedback and may your work be blessed. It is so true that most have no clue at the conscious level and that will likely continue until the veil is lifted. That time seems close at hand, thankfully. 🙂

  3. katelon says:

    What a powerful session. So glad you were able to clear that entity and that the entity chose to return to the light.

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