Bringing Back Cosmic Law

Thirty or forty thousand years ago, Earth and our solar system were lost in a star wars battle and became territory occupied by the dark. The Anunnaki, a human civilization from the as yet undiscovered planet of Nibiru already had a long association of exploiting Earth and her human population and they were given the lead off-planet role in subjugating humanity. Fearsome weapons of mass destruction were imported onto Earth and the dark imposed quarantine upon the planet while its resources including humanity were exploited. Quarantine prevented Source from providing information about the dark’s activities to human Lightworkers and the dark began working to nullify Cosmic Law and impose systems of control upon humanity so they could create a timeline of duality and scarcity as a platform for the ongoing exploitation of Earth’s resources, principally humanity and their advanced DNA.

The Anunnaki had great influence within the human civilization known as Atlantis and created dissent over the issue of how to treat less advanced human races. The Atlantians wanted to exploit these people whereas the Lemurians wanted to allow them to find their own way. A series of thermonuclear wars were fought between these two advanced human civilizations around 25,000 years ago over this issue. There were no winners and the home bases of both these civilizations were lost below the waves in the ‘great deluge’ around 12,000 years ago as Turtle Island, North and South America, rose from the oceans.

Attempts to subvert Cosmic Law were intensified, especially within the etheric and astral planes, the levels of creation. Control at these levels allowed the dark to impose their chosen timeline based on scarcity and the human population was genetically re-engineered removing many of their sovereign connections to Source. Cosmic Law was suspended and both the collective and the individual fields of humanity were now under dark control, under the cover of the darkness imposed by the quarantine.

A basic tenant of Cosmic Law is that no one can enter the energetic field of another unless invited. It follows that Cosmic Law grants each individual a sovereign energetic field clear of interference. Cosmic Law is observed throughout the universe and is the basis of individual sovereignty; the unobstructed connection each of us has with Source, the creator of the blue print for all of life.

Quarantine allowed the dark to mess with Cosmic Law and humanity is presently living in an artificially created reality in which Cosmic Law is tampered with; and all of us have interference in our collective and individual energy fields.

Humanity is in the process of bringing back Cosmic Law. The dark alliance has surrendered to the Light’s agenda and Earth is presently one of the last strongholds of the dark, still controlled by renegade forces who chose to continue their efforts to impose control over humanity and exploit humanity within the artificial timeline of duality and scarcity.

Efforts to bring back Cosmic Law for the human collective are gaining momentum and humanity will soon see a major shift where the artificial aspects of our current shared timeline die a natural death and a shared timeline honouring Cosmic Law rises from the blue print encoded within all of space.

Bringing back Cosmic Law into individual timelines is already available to anyone who so choses. There remains many difficulties and obstacles to this process but it is possible to choose an individual timeline honouring Cosmic Law. I have done this and am in the process of assisting several other people who are making this choice for their individual timeline.

A friend of mine came up with an acronyms of MAPS for the process we use. M is for Mission and that is the target for living our life. A is for Authentic and a timeline honouring Cosmic Law is based on being and becoming who we really are. P is for power and we take it back after decades of being taught to give it away. S is for Sovereignty and that is the very essence of Cosmic Law; the innate ability to communicate directly with Source.

The dark has imposed many obstacles within our individual energy fields but none are insurmountable. Clearing dark implants is the largest of these obstacles. More and more of humanity is now blessed with the ability to clear these implants and once cleared, Cosmic Law is within reach and available to anyone who so choses. AMPS provides a clear pathway into a timeline free of dark control.

Soon, all of humanity will shift into a shared timeline based on Cosmic Law. In the meantime, any who so choses can pioneer their individual timeline with Cosmic Law as their foundation.

Join the growing segment of humanity making the choice to bring back Cosmic Law into their individual timeline. If you want some help, let me know.

Freedom for humanity…

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  1. Judy says:

    Indeed…let’s AMP it up…thank you John !!

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