Ousting the Ruling Elite

Today is the summer solstice here in Calgary, Canada and throughout the entire northern hemisphere. It is that moment in time when the sun is furthest north of the equator and begins its six month trip southward.

The solstice is important for a number of reasons. It officially marks the beginning of our northern summer and is our longest day. At a little over 66 degrees in the northern latitude, the sun never sets on this day, traveling a circular orbit always above the horizon.

The solstice also marks an important milestone in terms of ousting the earth’s ruling elite and ending the dark’s long reign of exploitation and misinformation. Two years ago at the 2012 summer solstice, the earth’s ruling elite declined their last deadline to surrender to the Light’s agenda and participate in an orderly transfer of power. Instead, they thumbed their nose at the growing power of the Light, saying in effect ‘come and get us’. At the time they had considerable power and it is a marker of that power that two years have passed and humanity remains on the shared timeline of the ruling elite’s choice.

Today’s blog is a summary of some of the progress that has been made toward ousting the ruling elite.

Containment remains the most powerful weapon of the Light in this battle to bring forth a Light based timeline for all of humanity. Containment is an Angelic process that prevents those in it from doing harm. Two years ago, the ring masters and key threats to Ascension were placed in containment. It was used sparingly as it violates the free will of those placed in containment, something the Light does not like to do. All those who represented a true threat to humanity’s ascension were contained and within a few weeks this process was complete. Since then a few people have been added to the list and the threats to humanity and to the Ascension process are now contained. Humanity, and her unseen supporters, are steadily working toward the tipping point where the Light and the Light’s agenda oust those currently in power and the new Light based timeline of oneness and abundance becomes our shared reality.

The dark’s war-faring ways no longer succeed. Look at trouble spot after trouble spot and you see a pattern. Syria, Ukraine, Iraq to name three recent hot spots. The war rhetoric is there but the collective no longer supports all out war. Yes, the ruling elite can and does fund mercenaries and beats the drum about terrorists and extremists but the collective of humanity can no longer be manipulated and with each failure to create a new global war, the dark’s power ebbs and the Light’s agenda gets ever closer to becoming our shared reality.

Fearsome weapons of mass destruction are being neutralized, removing the dark’s bargaining power. The earth’s arsenals of nuclear weapons were removed from dark control in early 2012 which led to the surrender deadline of that years’s summer solstice. Strangelet bombs, dark technology based on a chain reaction that changes matter into ‘strange matter’, were stockpiled in many military bases the world over and used to hold all of humanity as hostages. This threat is now being neutralized and with it, the dark’s quarantine will also disappear. I am not privy to progress reports on this front but various reports name this year’s summer solstice as a key date in this work.

Light based energy continues to be beamed to all of humanity. Those sensitive to energy infusions are well aware that Earth and all of humanity is being bombarded with a steady stream of Light based energies and these infusions are intensified around key times such a full moons and solstices.

At the creative level, the dark exerts less and less control. I operate largely at this level, the level of humanity’s etheric plane and I routinely encounter dark supporters on this plane. My approach is to honour their free will choices but inform them that Cosmic Law is once again in effect and they can no longer stay within my energy field as that is a violation of Cosmic Law. They have no choice but to comply and they leave. In these efforts, I am anchoring Cosmic Law back into the shared human timeline and this is creating a positive effect and positive momentum for all of humanity. Through these and similar efforts, the Light is slowly regaining control of the creative level and is bringing back Cosmic Law, long suspended under the quarantine.

The key to the ruling elite’s control over humanity lies in their financial systems and the Light has been working to wrest financial control from the dark. All the world’s key financial institutions are now heavily infiltrated with Lightworkers and the ruling elite can no longer make unilateral decisions supporting their illusion. The BRICS Alliance now lobbies for the Light and is in the process of a global currency reset which will re-valuate world currencies and benefit many of the so called third world countries. Underlying all of this work is prosperity funding controlled by the ascended masters which will have the effect of bringing abundance and truth to all of humanity.

Overlying all of this is the elephant in the closet. Earth’s skies are filled with supportive ETs from across this galaxy and beyond. They all support the Light and work within Cosmic Law. They have abundance technologies, travel technologies, rejuvenation technologies, pollution technologies that could shift our reality overnight. They are willing and able to provide all of these technologies free of charge. Why has this not happened? The ruling elite has managed to keep them at bay simply by denying them an invitation to lend a hand.

Soon that will shift. Soon the ruling elite will be ousted. Soon the Light will gain control of this beleaguered planet. When that happens, we will joyously work together with our ET brethren and create Heaven on Earth.

Freedom for humanity…


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  1. katelon says:

    Exciting stuff!!!

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