Bringing the Light

I just woke up from an amazing dream/vision. In the early part, I was escaping from someone wanting to do me harm which set the stage for the grand finale. In it, my protagonist and I were separated by a chasm and a higher being was overseeing it all. The ‘knowing’ grew within me that my protagonist could no longer hurt me and it was my job to bring him to the Light.

I stood on my perch and announced my intentions to do just that which struck great fear into my protagonist who began to scramble for safety within the shadows far below as I scrambled down my side of the chasm, intent upon reaching him. Suddenly I could fly and I swooped down upon him just as he reached the apparent safety of the shadow world. As I alighted upon him, the full light of day burst upon us both and we were transformed. I was jolted awake feeling the Light within… and without; it was a new day dawning.

Was it real or metaphor? Some of each I suspect.

Over the past six months, I have been offering my services to people genuinely interested in bringing the Light into their personal timeline. Two began with intricate connections to the darkness that has controlled humanity for millennia and releasing them from their dark connections has taken months of work and involved many twists and turns. Each is unique but similarities also exist; one of which is that in each case, a family member has strong connections with the dark and was in service to the dark at the level of their higher self.

Early on, I was guided to use a two part process when doing this work. Part one is a dialogue targeting to uncover what we will target during part two…the invocation portion of the day’s work. In the invocation we begin by calling in each of our guidance teams. It is worth noting that these teams are not static and several major changes have been made along the way, especially to my friend’s team as original team members find they can no longer support what is targeted. In some cases, original team members have been exposed as supporters of dark agendas, in other cases original team members have proven inadequate or incapable of supporting the new agenda. Once both guidance teams are assembled, my friend states their intention for the day and requests the team’s assistance in achieving what has been stated. Often this involves some work which we do together before ending the session.

One of the strongest techniques we have developed is to call in the higher self of entities including people we wish to deal with. My friend will tell these ‘visitors’ whatever seems appropriate and I will often add information or emphasis depending on what I am guided to do. Once this is complete, my friend releases the higher self and we conclude the session, each going our separate ways.

Both of these people have now reached the point where the ‘dark’ has lost its influence which is now allowing rapid progress toward the personal timeline of my friend’s choice. The levels and complexities of the dark interference was amazing to me and presented many unique experiences. Now, as in the this morning’s dream/vision, those carrying dark agendas who previously held the upper hand are finding themselves defending and vulnerable to the Light being brought into their personal domain.

Unlike in the dream/vision, we remain respectful of free will during our sessions, allowing all visitors free will choices. We offer assistance should the visitor choose options based in the Light but have so far allowed all visitors their free will choices in terms of proceeding. One area is non-negotiable. We inform visitors that they can no longer continue to interfere with the free will choices of team members. In this area, my friend’s free will choices take precedence over any free will choices to continue to interfere.

Humanity is in the process of doing something very similar within the human collective and the processes we are pioneering within these sessions will soon spread to all of humanity. We are bringing the Light to all of humanity.

In terms of metaphor, the dream/vision is exactly what I am doing on behalf of humanity. The higher being is Source. The protagonist is the ruling elite. The shadow world is their illusion. The transforming Light is the Light based timeline into which humanity is shifting which will transform the entire shared experience of humanity. The dark’s free will does not hold sway on this one and they are powerless to prevent it!

Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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2 Responses to Bringing the Light

  1. katelon says:

    Wonderful work, wonderful post!

  2. Judy says:

    What Katelon said…hear! hear! Judy

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