The Chimera

Lots happening right now as humanity is close to throwing off the veil and stepping into a Light based shared timeline for the first time in 25,000 years if not more. The impediments continue to drop away, one by one, with the last major obstacle now coming into view. They are called the Chimera. Intel about them is just starting to come to light.

25,000 years ago the Chimera came to Earth from a distant dark stronghold and constructed a vast underground network of cities connected by a high speed train system; using Draconians as slave masters and Reptilians as slaves. They also quarantined Earth and declared her human occupants to be their property. The quarantine was enforced by the threat of strangelet bombs in their underground bases and by erecting the veil (scalar electromagnetic technology developed off-world) that prevented Light based spacecraft from visiting Earth or her inhabitants.

Until about 80 years ago the Chimera did not interact with humanity, content to keep us in limited consciousness and control us through their technology and their allies in the etheric field. Somehow they benefit from the energy of human misery and they made sure there was plenty of that, with artificial scarcity always kept in place and duality creating fighting and discord around the globe.

The Chimera’s lack of interaction began to change after WWI as human technology began to be a threat to the veil and they took a more active role through the Nazi’s in Germany. Hitler apparently was one of their agents. When the Nazi’s lost WWII, the Chimera imported many of their agents into the US and stage managed the military-industrial complex paying particular attention to the space program which they feared might pierce the veil. All of this was under strict secrecy protocols strictly enforced which is why there is so little information about them or about positive ETs anywhere in the human data system, even on the internet.

The human negative military was united by their perceived threat of Light based ETs who managed to reduce the yield of nuclear weapons by up to 90 percent and the Chimera assisted them, as their efforts focused on protecting the veil. Skills in divide and conquer are second nature to all dark forces.

The Chimera have already been driven out of all their deep bases and are now confined to bases within 100 feet of the surface. Protocols for their defeat and removal from the planet are in place and are being executed. At present they control a dozen or so military bases in western Europe and the United States with strangelet bombs in each of these locations.

A couple of recent tragedies have the Chimera finger prints all over them. 9/11 used their scalar weapon technology. The missing without a trace Malaysian airplane that made headlines for weeks is also their handiwork.

The world’s banking systems were hijacked by the Chimera a decade or so ago and fund many of their current projects. The Rothchilds have long been their agents as well as the US cabal.

Information remains sparse and sketchy; but the fact that resistance agents are letting out any information is a sign that the end of this dark empire and its control over humanity is near at hand.

Freedom for humanity…


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  1. Judy says:

    Thank you for making this easier to understand, again, John…Judy

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