Attacking Energies

Had an very interesting incident on Thursday morning. I was woken from a sound sleep just before dawn. The mechanism is one I have experienced before, pain in my solar plexus, energetic in origin and as intense as need be. Since I was sleeping soundly it was pretty intense.

It is my ‘take action now signal’ and I rose up to sit on the side of the bed asking what action I was to take. The pain intensified and I knew I was to leave the bedroom, staggering because the pain was that intense. I checked the internet and nothing there so I went to my meditation chair and slowly, or so it seemed, the pain left me. ‘What was that all about?’ I asked.

‘You were under attack and we had to get you out of your bedroom!’

Okay…can you protect me if I choose to go back to bed? Yes, now we can.

I went back to bed and I could feel the attacking energy, coming in through the window but I had asked for protection and knew I was safe, so I calmed myself and went back to sleep. In the morning I was guided to go for a long walk, therapy of sorts. I was weak and a little uncoordinated but all was well.

All was good Friday and Saturday but when I went to bed early on Sunday night I had my ‘take action now signal’ go off before falling asleep. Got up and left the bedroom and the signal went away. Did some meditating, asked for protection, played for an hour or so and went back to bed without incident.

I brought this up with a healer friend because I was a little spooked by it all. In a dialogue with my friend it came to me that the toxic energy is being beamed in through the bedroom window and the rest of my apartment is fine. Perhaps the ‘evil plan’ will only work when I am asleep or at least immobilized.

My friend did some clearing on the matter and I was hopeful that the interference was ended, but no such luck. After my pre-sleep meditation I retired to bed but the interference was there and I knew I had to deal with it before sleeping. I got up and went deeply into meditation asking my guides and my angels to assist me in the process. As I meditated, I found fear within me…unusual since I am normally fearless. Fearlessness is different from courage and is a natural, perhaps supernatural state. Fearlessness is highly effective when dealing within the realm of energy whereas fear is counter-productive making these kinds of things worse and reducing my ability to deal effectively with the energy, whatever its origins.

Slowly I returned to fearlessness and ‘knew’ the situation was coming right. What followed was a series of energy releases. The interfering energy would gather as my body acted like a capacitor collecting the energy until it release in a jolt, returning to Gaia. This occurred several times until the process was complete and a sense of well-being took its place. As confirmation or perhaps a clean-up jolt just gathered and released as I wrote about the process.

What was going on? Humanity is shifting into a Light based timeline after thousands of years on a dark shared timeline I call duality and scarcity. That process requires obsolete and negative (dark) energies to leave in order to make room for Light based energies. I am part of the brigade clearing the obsolete energies and the work I did was part of this work. Exactly what these energies were is not mine to know but I do have the information that these energies carried free-will and did not want to leave. That is why they appeared as attacking energy.

Interesting times.

Freedom for humanity…


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3 Responses to Attacking Energies

  1. Nancy aka Anny says:

    If this happens again let me know, I was born to help with that.

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