Third Eye Sensitivities

On Sunday night I could feel something was not right. This is the stage where I have often used my ‘early onset cure’ process to bypass the coming sickness but it was not available to me on this occasion. Likely because it was ‘for me’ and contained some benefits that I would otherwise not receive.

Monday and Tuesday were ‘bad days’ as I had a few cold like symptoms (everything but the respiratory issues) and zero energy. Early on, I surrendered to the process and targeted to do whatever was necessary to travel the road to recovery. I ate very little (a half dozen cherries and a slice of bread with peanut butter) and quit my daily habit of a midday coffee. Generally, I moped about unable to do anything constructive. A low point came on Tuesday afternoon when I forced myself to go outside, found a picnic table nearby and sat there head on my crossed forearms and actually fell asleep. This was one of many naps I took throughout the two days.

Sunday and Monday night were similar to each other. Short sleep sessions with meditation sessions in between hoping to find a pathway through my discomfort and my malaise. It became increasing difficult to get back to sleep as the nights wore on but somehow I managed.

Tuesday night was pivotal. The pattern of a short sleep followed by a meditation session continued along with a strong sense that the situation was deteriorating. Things that had worked in the past were no longer working…I needed some help. I called in my team of angels and guides requesting their assistance. ‘Cover your third eye’

I took a face-cloth and draped it over my third eye and was able to return to sleep for a short period of time. My forehead, the location of my third eye, had been feverish throughout and part of my symptoms had included constant pain, a head ache, but restricted to the frontal lobes, restricted to the third eye chakra. That sleep was short and I wetted the facecloth for another try. This got me through the remainder of the night with the now familiar short sleep-wake cycles.

Wednesday was on the road to recovery. Energy levels low, continuing along a path of cold recovery at an accelerated pace and a lack of motivation. Wednesday night would be key. I hoped and asked for a night of recovery, knowing I would be covering my third eye. Again, short cycles of sleep followed by a recovery process and it felt as though I was losing ground and falling ever closer to an abyss. Again I called in my ‘team’ and requested their assistance.

I had been using a ‘fisherman’s hat’ to cover my third eye and was informed that I needed to return to a wetted facecloth. This I did and slowly the cycles improved, culminating in a two or three hour morning sleep were the serial dreams that had been part of the entire multi-day process began to clear and resolve.

This morning I feel healed. My third eye remains very sensitive and I feel changed at a fundamental level, but no longer in danger in any way. Wonder if I will have to continue covering my third eye or whether that was only in transition.

Awesome stuff.

Freedom for humanity…


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