The Dark’s Mind Control Hum

One of the most invasive dark technology is their mind control hum. Fortunately, it is rare and has been used against only a small portion of humanity. I do not know the reasons for this but I do know it to be truth by my own experience. 

Earlier this year, I began working with someone who lived with the hum, the first such person within my personal experience. One of the dark’s most effective weapons is to isolate people they target and part of that strategy is to officially deny the existence of such technologies. This is very effective and if you go to the authorities with a complaint or even an inquiry, you are treated as insane; a very effective deterrent. This strategy is reinforced within the controlled media and the result is that people afflicted by the hum technology have no place to turn and no one to help them. I was recently given information from my guides that Robin Williams was a long time victim of the hum technology which contributed greatly to his early demise.
That isolation changed for my friend who I will call Barbie, not her real name, when we began working together because I trusted her experience, without fail; on many occasions more so than she herself did. We have worked together since January, so well over half a year, and the hum has been part of her personal experience throughout the process. 
When we first began we simply ignored the hum and set about clearing her field from other dark interference. First we cleared her etheric implants, then dark entities trespassing in her field. Basically, we targeted to reestablish cosmic law within her personal field, something that is now available to anyone who so chooses. I was consistently amazed by the variety and persistence of the dark interference this person experienced but simply plodded along, clearing each dark attack as it occurred. The pattern was for the attacks to come in the night after each break-through my friend experienced as she dealt with her various issues. I did not keep track but there would have been well over ten such attacks over the six plus months we have worked together. 
Sometime in June, the hum disappeared…gone as mysteriously as it had appeared. We did a little rejoicing and my guides informed me that Gaia had been instrumental in this miracle. For about a month, my friend made great progress, unobstructed by the hum. 
Then one day, about a month after it had miraculously disappeared, the hum was back, more virulent than ever. I underwent some personal shifts about the same time and my guides began to inform me that I now had the capability to deal with the hum, or more specifically, with the dark beings who were inflicting this loathsome technology upon humanity.
My friend and I began to target to remove the hum from her personal experience. This was an iterative process that took several sessions and the hum persisted throughout that process. We gave the dark the option of ending the hum in my friend’s experience while continuing it elsewhere and this was declined. We then targeted to disable the hum worldwide and have done our part in terms of initiating this process. Of course, it is the Light that is doing the hard work but my friend and I have fulfilled the human requirement of declaring the hum to be unacceptable and letting the dark know the Light is in the process of decommission the hum. 
Decommissioning the hum will happen according to divine right timing. My friend and I now sit on the sidelines waiting patiently and offering to do whatever is given us if further human intervention is required.
Meanwhile, part of my guidance was to expand my friend’s field and we did this work a week or so ago. She expanded her field to be a cylinder around her home (the only place she encounters the hum) extending down into Gaia and upwards into the stratosphere, above the level at which the dark has influence. This has worked well for my friend and she is proceeding with her personal timeline shifts with the hum now a minor annoyance until such time as it is permanently disabled.
Victory of the Light is near.
Freedom for humanity…

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