The Curse

A friend of mine, whom we will call Kelly, was recently cursed by an acquaintance, a medical practitioner who she was seeing regularly. Kelly has been traveling on a spiritual quest for nearly two years and due to limited resources she has bartered for space, providing healing services as rent payment. As it happened, the curser was also her landlord.

The landlord recently entered into a new love relationship which also factored in. The girlfriend and Kelly talked being in the same house together and apparently, the landlord took offence. In the aftermath Kelly pieced together the timing. He cursed Kelly on August 9. She had a very bad medical appointment with him on August 13 where he was clearly way out of integrity and to no one’s surprise, she chose to end the doctor/patient relationship soon thereafter. He asked her to leave soon after that and set the end date as the Friday before the September long week-end. 
Finding new living arrangements proved unnaturally difficult. A friend made space for the week-end but nothing showed up after that. At the eleventh hour on Tuesday, something showed up and when she got settled she was guided to check out her personal situation. It was then the curse was revealed. She and the curser shared a past life where he was her superior in a religious order and made vows to him and he used this to gain access in order to install the curse. During the medical visit a few days later he targeted to destroy Kelly …that is why she experienced the visit so negatively. 
Kelly and I have been working together for several months now and we agreed to a session to deal with the curse and its aftermath. I have no previous experience with curses but Kelly has and she outlined some of the techniques she had learned. Essentially you surround the curser with mirrors and the curse cannot exit the curser’s space, either draining out the bottom like a shower curtain or being reflected back upon the curser. Very effective if done prior to the curse.
Post curse, we found it more effective to treat the curse energy like any other unwanted energy and applied the ‘You are not invited, Your are not welcome, You must leave now’ technique. We also brought the curser and his higher self into our Light field created by our invocation and addressed him. Kelly went first; admonishing him for his actions, telling him that he could no longer curse people and that the mirrors were installed, informing him that such actions also hurt him and advised him to cease and desist. 
The curser’s higher self has long campaigned for him to shift into the Light and Kelly was sent to him as a life-line to do just that. When he figured out that he would have to treat Kelly as an equal if he shifted into the Light, he reneged and slipped back into his dark ways; followed eventually by the new girlfriend and then the decision to curse Kelly. The ensuing medical visit provided an opportunity and the curser decided to do his worst, targeting to completely destroy his victim. Uck!
When it came my turn, I was inspired to place the curser in containment. This is a last resort and not something to be taken lightly. Some of the factors were as follows: This man has served the dark in lifetime after lifetime and is very dedicated to regressive thought patterns. Apparently Kelly was a kind of last chance and he had spit on that. The last straws were his attempt during the medical visit to destroy Kelly and the duplicitous way he went about their last few days together, like a cat toying with its prey. Apparently, it was time and he was placed in containment and then dismissed from our Light-field.
Containment is a light chamber very similar to the mirrors. Actions intending harm to others are reflected back upon the sender and they get to experience what they intended for the other. Throughout the process, the person is bombarded with Love and Light. Free will is temporarily suspended and the person in containment finds they have limited choices. They can leave, choosing death to begin again or walking-out so a Light loving soul can take over their body or they can shift into the Light themselves or they can simply accept the containment condition and observe knowing they can no longer succeed in service to the darkness. 
I am curious as to the choice this man will make but also fine with never knowing. 
Humanity is very close to shifting our shared timeline into a Light based timeline where dark practices will have few resources supporting them and have a low likelihood of success. Our actions during this invocation reflected that coming reality and brought it forward into the shared timeline of Kelly and me.
Freedom for humanity…  

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