The Curser Visits

I could not sleep last night. After being extremely tired in the evening, fighting to stay awake, I retired early and slept for an hour or two. Then I was up and started reading a half finished book. Around three a.m. I again retired but thoughts of the man who cursed my friend and was now in containment kept me awake. (See earlier blog called The Curse)

Various questions came up for me. Had I acted appropriately in placing this man in containment? Wasn’t containment a kind of curse, especially for this dark loving man, and wasn’t I being no better than him by placing him in containment? From his perspective, I had placed a curse on him; depriving him of his free will. 
Hmmm…perhaps I should release this man from containment. A typical dilemma presented itself with arguments being made from both sides as though in a court room. The man arguing for release and his higher self grateful for the gift of containment. This man’s higher self has remained in service to the Light in lifetime after lifetime as the man served the dark and the dark deepened their manipulative grip over him. In this lifetime, he spent years and a lot of money within the dark religion of Scientology. He has honed his black magic skills and used them in placing the curse and later, in his attempt to destroy his victim when she came for a medical visit after the curse had been placed upon her. The man’s higher self came visiting as sleep evaded me, specifically thanking me for the gift of containment.
I tossed and turned finally getting back up and meditating to address the various issues. Very quickly I entered the etheric realm and the curser appeared before me in what appeared to me as a prison cell of containment. We began to dialogue using the etheric communication tool of telepathy. No words were exchanged but whole communications took place. It was clear to me that the man remained duplicitous at the core and was playing me, hoping to trick me into releasing him from containment so he could resume the life he was leading and continue his dark and manipulative ways. Just as clearly my team was saying to me that the die was cast. Could I reverse containment if that was my choice…I do not know. 
What I did know was that reversing containment was not my choice. My choice was to continue the timeline that had been set in motion, the timeline of this man spending time in containment and eventually making his choice from within that set of circumstances.  
I spent time with the man letting him know I saw through his charade. Filling him in on the ins and outs of containment and his options as I saw them. Telling him that I have helped others to shift into the Light and would be willing to help him should that be his choice. 
In about an hour, the communication was complete. The man’s higher self played no role in it aside from his bedtime visit and the high five he gave me prior to the meditation conversation. 
When I asked for help from my guides what I got was ‘It is time!’ Just three words but a world of information contained therein. For the curser, it is time that his dark skills were curtailed and containment was the only way that could presently occur. For the dark, it is time that they step down from their positions of power and containment is a tool being used toward that aim. For humanity, it is time we stepped into our power and stood up to the bullies that the dark has been all these years and containment is serving as an appropriate tool in that process. For me, it is time that I entered the fray as a warrior of the Light with containment as a weapon to be used with the intransigent.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Freedom for humanity…

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3 Responses to The Curser Visits

  1. katelon says:

    Yep, Nunca Mas to the dark and their ways!!!! Thanks for the work you do to serve the light.

  2. Judy says:

    HEAR! HEAR !!

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