Honouring Another’s Experience

I began going to meditation retreats in 2006 and over the next eighteen months went to five ten day retreats and many more weekend retreats. My meditation teachers were excellent in terms of teaching an enjoyable and effective meditation technique and they were extremely good at honouring the experience of all the meditators. The groups varied in size from a half dozen to more than fifty and always, the experience as reported by each person was honoured. Often it was junk coming up to be cleared but sometimes it was amazing clarity or vivid encounters with Source or the unseen world. Always the experience was honoured. 

This was very different from my experience up until that point. I had been taught and conditioned into judging my own experience and the experience of others, and sanctioning that experience if it did not fall into the range of ‘acceptable behaviour’. Acceptable to whom you might ask? I now realize that those who set the range of acceptable behaviour are the people who want us to remain in limited consciousness. Anything outside of their narrowly defined limits of acceptability is off-limits. Anything to do with extraterrestrials is off-limits. Interacting directly with unseen beings including Source is off-limits. Hearing voices, mental telepathy, telekinesis, in fact; the whole gamut of paranormal phenomena is off-limits. The reason for this is now clear to me. Such activities make progress toward returning to full consciousness and that is very threatening to those in power, to those who benefit from economic slavery and all the other forms of artificial scarcity.  
I shifted in many ways during those eighteen months that were heavily sprinkled with long hours of meditation and one of the ways I shifted was to begin honouring my own experience. Since making that shift, my experience has expanded in many ways and it continues to expand as I take back my power and expand my awareness. Now a days, I am frequently visited by unseen beings, some with positive agendas and others wanting to limit me or cause me harm. I am now familiar with my team of guides and consider them trustworthy friends. They are here by my invitation and when my life objectives shifted, I shifted my guides accordingly. I have an inner guidance system that is connected to the greater good and target to honour that guidance at all times. I can instantly check in on the energy field of anybody or anything and get a read-out which I use for decision making and discernment. 
Another shift I made was to begin to honour the experience of others. I put aside my judgements and began to honour the experience as reported by everyone around me. No longer do I judge another’s experience when they choose to report it to me. Instead, I  honour their experience, no matter how weird or unusual. The effect of this is often profound. In a world where people are routinely sanctioned for experiences outside the accepted norms, finding someone who honours their experience can have tremendous positive impact and several people have made amazing and positive advances that begin by having their experience validated and honoured by another. It also can open the door for cooperative interactions and frequently leads to helping each other along our chosen path. 
The flip side of this is also true. Right now, I am dealing with someone who does not honour my experience and treats my experience as untrustworthy or even illusory. I am finding that very debilitating and am in the process of deciding how to proceed. I have already informed this person that I do not want unsolicited advice from them and they have agreed to honour my request. It is possible that I will expand on this and request that they honour my experience. They can of course refuse my request in which case the shoe will be back on my foot and I will decide what to do next. In other such cases, I have withdrawn and minimized our interactions and that seems the likely course of action in this case as well.
Yes, it is decided. I will make the request to this person that they henceforth honour my experience; and we will go from there.
Freedom for humanity…

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1 Response to Honouring Another’s Experience

  1. katelon says:

    I’m glad that you were able to come to this point.

    i grew up in a family with a very controlled and circumscribed way of things, with much of my perception and experiences judged harshly, as I was ordered to do things the “right” way. I fought against this and yet, it entrained me to judge others if they didn’t do things the way I saw fit. Yuck!!!! So I have now identified that and worked to eradicate it from my vocabulary and thinking.

    Now I like to just face differences with the thought “how interesting”, as I allow and honor others to have their own experiences and their own way of living.

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