The galactic war that raged for 2 million years had its roots in an expression of free will. The instigators and aggressors held the view that ‘might makes right’. They targeted to take over the entire galaxy and quickly colonized great sections of the galaxy using technological advanses to run rough-shod over all who stood in their way. Light based civilizations were initially ill prepared for a military onslaught having lived in peace and prosperity for as long and anyone could remember and the aggressors at first appeared unstoppable.
Combining Light based principles of love for all and the respect of individual sovereignty with the sudden need to defend against an aggressive and unprincipled foe led to the development of Light based weaponry and defence mechanisms and the galaxy settled into an uneasy stalemate with the Galactic Federation of Light representing the Light and the Ankara Alliance representing the aggressors. Ankara was the dark creator god and he created entire races of warriors bred specifically for the purpose of taking over the galaxy.
Early on the dark aggressors learned that taking hostages gave them considerable advantages since the Light was not prepared to sacrifice hostages in order to gain military or other advantages. Hostages became a major plank in the dark’s overall strategy.
Earth became part of dark held territory in a star wars battle fought around 40,000 years ago. Around 25,000 years ago, the Chimera, members of the dark alliance colonized earth in an unusual way, in a way that made Earth and all of her inhabitants hostages. They did not interact with humanity, instead building an underground network of cities connected with high speed tunnel systems with secret portals to the surface in key locations. All of this was done with imported slave labour and is only now coming to light. They brought with them dark technologies targeting two things. First was technology to keep humanity in limited consciousness so they could be manipulated and controlled.  Second was technology to destroy Earth and her inhabitants if the Light interfered; effectively creating hostages of all of humanity. This has been the situation for the last 25,000 years.
A huge shift took place about twenty years ago. Ankara, the dark creator god, surrendered to the Light’s agenda and advised his followers to do likewise. Most chose this path and peace came to the Galaxy. The Chimera and the earth based dark alliance supporting them and doing their bidding declined and continued their free will path targeting to dominate and control humanity, and…the hostage situation continued. 
Until recently, even the existence of the Chimera remained a secret, cloaked by their technologies and by the etheric (non-physical) Archons who worked in concert with them. When the Archons powers were sufficiently weakened, their cloaking capabilities were breached and there were the Chimera and their vast underground networks, complete with their mind-control technologies and their weapons of mass destruction.
The Light’s campaign to free Earth and humanity from dark control has been delayed by the Chimera and especially their threat to use their weapons of mass destruction. Earth is now home to the Chimera since their home planets are now working toward Light based agendas and no new strongholds of darkness are being created. The Universe is on the homeward portion of the cosmic cycle where all returns to the Light. With no place to go, the Chimera has apparently decided to fight it out and ‘hostage Earth’ remains in effect.
Two weapons of mass destruction remain. The strangelet bomb is technology that if detonated turns matter into strange matter in an expanding chain reaction. Linear accelerator technology can create strangelet bombs and that was the Chimera plan. The Light now has the upper hand in this regard, including technology to limit the scope of any strangelet bomb that is detonated and all but two of the underground Chimera bases have been taken over by the Light. 
That leaves the threat of material from the ‘dark sun’ that is in the possession of the head honcho of the Chimera group. This material continues to represent a threat to Earth and to humanity. I do not understand this technology, only that it remains a danger. Protocols are in progress to contain this threat and success is imminent. Once this happens, the hostage situation ends and with it comes the end the Chimera’s power. 
The long awaited shift into a Light based shared timeline for all of humanity will then take place. 
Victory of the Light is near.
Freedom for humanity… 

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2 Responses to Hostages

  1. katelon says:

    Thanks for that explanation. Time for all of this to end. Time for the timeline of Oneness, prosperity and joy to be here NOW!!!

  2. Judy says:

    I just re-read this, John…thank you again for your summaries…making “all this” easier to understand…Judy

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