When asked what I do, I say I am retired and to the casual observer that is truth. I no longer work for a living and spend my days doing things that interest me. No one pays me and no one has dibs on my time. In that way, I am retired.

In my self talk, I am anything but retired. I have never been more focused nor more driven. In the fall of 2011 I graduated from the school of life and entered into a life phase few presently achieve, the phase of bringing my gift to humanity. It took several months for me to figure out what my gift to humanity was to be…or more accurately, it took several months for me to accept what my body based wisdom was telling me; it took several months to move through the denial and enter into acceptance. Why? Because my gift to humanity is to free humanity from dark control.
This is a dangerous gift as many have been killed by the dark in past attempts. It is also a huge undertaking that no one can do on their own. Instead, I am part of the Light based resistance, a small but capable part doing my bit to oust the dark and bring forth a Light based timeline for all of humanity.
Despite the media remaining firmly under the dark’s control and despite few signs of progress in the physical world, the Light is nearing a major breakthrough. Yes, the media continues to trumpet the terrorist threat known as ISIS and the dark continues their attempts to create a major conflict using the false flag of ISIS in an effort to derail the coming shift but all that will be in vain.
Meanwhile the Goddess Isis is making major breakthroughs on Earth and within humanity. Allow me to explain.
In 1220, the Goddess Isis appeared before a Templar Knight traveling in Iraq and instructed him to move the Goddess vortex from Iraq (under threat of the Mongols) to Berchtesgaden in what is now southeastern Germany. She also gave him a piece of Cintamani stone from the star system of Sirius with the purpose of dissolving the network of dark implants and helping to disintegrate the dark’s Veil.
All this was done; however, the Nazi’s and their dark masters, the Chimera, took control of this vortex prior to WWII and it became an important Chimera base; serving the darkness. This summer, the Light regained control of this vortex and the underground bases in Berchtesgaden, ousting the Chimera and sending them packing. The Chimera are now reduced to only two bases, both in the United States and will soon be gone entirely.
Since liberation, the Berchtesgaden base has returned to service of the Light and Isis is welcomed back to the vortex. The Cintamani stone has been returned and from this powerful vortex, Isis is harmonizing all of Europe. Soon, the Cintamani stone will fulfil its original purpose and with the help of Isis and the legions of Lightworkers, the network of dark implants will disappear and the dark’s Veil will disintegrate.
Victory of the Light is near.
Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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1 Response to Isis

  1. katelon says:

    It’s interesting that the Children of the Sun organization were led to lead this 4 day transmission to the Middle East project that is now happening. I will remember to include Isis in the next scheduled transmission date.

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