No Place to Go

For the past couple of weeks, I have been working at the etheric and astral level with members of the Chimera group. These are extra-terrestrials (ETs) who came to Earth around 25,000 years ago and created an underground colony for the purposes of controlling the surface population (humanity) and setting up a master/slave relationship within humanity. The masters are their human minions know by various names such as the Illuminati and the Cabal and the slaves are the rest of us.

A little more on the Chimera group seems necessary. They are members of the top-dog race as created by the dark creator god, Ankara, during the 2 million year galactic war where Ankara targeted to take over the galaxy. This top-dog created race is an expression of reptilian sentiency but they have made it very clear to me that they do not like to be referred to as reptilians and during this morning’s walk I understood why. Ankara also created Reptilians as the labour and the doers and Reptilians are subservient to this top-dog reptilian race know as the Draconians or Dracs for short. In fact Reptilians were the slave labour for building the underground colony and many stayed on as slaves for the grunt work and as warriors as the Dracs continued their efforts to enslave humanity.
The vast underground network has been mostly cleaned out and taken over by the Light based Resistance and a major battle was fought this summer which resulted in millions of deaths, mostly Reptilian soldiers, as the lower levels were cleared and returned to the Light. At that time, the Chimera group, the Draconian masters were limited to about a dozen shallow underground bases and their transportation systems were decommissioned. More recently, all but two of the Draconian strongholds were liberated including all the European bases. The two remaining strongholds are both in the United States and these will soon be liberated and the dark loving Dracs will be forever ousted from their power on Earth.
In times past, such liberation initiatives have provided ‘outs’ to the occupying forces. They could return to their home planet and be welcomed home as dark warriors or they could go to another occupied territory and continue to apply their mindset and expertise to that situation. Unfortunately for the Chimera group neither of these options is currently available.
There are few remaining occupied territories, few remaining occupied planets. Part of the terms of surrender were that the dark withdraw from all occupied territories and this took place, even to the extent of the dark using force with reluctant dark occupying forces. On top of that, the Light now controls Earth’s airspace and it is simply not possible for the dark to escape from Earth to another besieged occupied planet.
What about returning home? The Draconian’s home planets are now whole-heartedly engaged in shifting into Light based agendas. When Ankara surrendered to the Light in 1996, he advised all his created races to do likewise. Obedience is programmed into them as they are created as a warrior race and all the home planets obeyed; so the option of returning ‘home’ is no longer attractive. That would entail a forced shift into the Light.
Shifting into the Light is the nature of the work I am doing with the Dracs of the Chimera group. I have offered to do whatever is given me to do in terms of liberating humanity and it seems I am being granted the opportunity to pioneer a process whereby the Chimera can transition into the Light.
The first time this happened a few days ago was pretty scary. I did not know what was going on and had some frightening body based sensations, mostly a heaviness within my heart chakra. I knew there was an entity in my field and I have a great deal of experience in clearing anything foreign from my field. This one persisted and stayed with me through several clearing attempts. With the help of a couple of invocations done with other people, the entity finally left and I requested information so I could understand what had happened.
‘You are pioneering a process to assist members of the Chimera to shift into the Light.’ Okay, cool! Very cool!
Since then the process has been easier and easier. Ease and Grace has been my request and that is being observed.
Once shifted into the Light, a return home becomes far more attractive and that is what happens with Chimera Draconians who make such a choice. Of course, the hardliners continue and the Light’s Resistance is taking care of them. Soon Earth will be free of all occupying ETs and their human minions will be stripped of their power.
Soon humanity will shift into a Light based shared timeline.
Freedom for humanity…

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  1. katelon says:

    That is great news!!

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