Let’s Make a Deal

Freedom for humanity. That is the name of this blog and its tagline. That has been my objective for about five years and my chosen gift to humanity for the last three years. In that time, I have focused on nothing else.

I first heard about the Chimera earlier this year and they were explained to me in terms I could understand this summer in intelligence from someone who calls himself Cobra. I first wrote about the Chimera in a blog post called The Chimera dated July 10 earlier this year.
Something grabbed me by the shoulders and said, ‘This is where to put your focus. Humanity cannot be free until the Chimera are defeated and their technology is shut down!’
How does a ‘regular guy’ living in Calgary, Canada make contributions to the defeat of the Chimera, a group of dark loving ETs who came to this planet 25,000 years ago and constructed underground strongholds where they installed a variety of technologies targeting to enslave humanity by casting them into limited consciousness and preventing contact/exposure to ETs of the Light? I did not know the answer to that but I did know that was to be my focus.
In April of 2012, I was invited to an etheric meeting attended by a dozen or so top level Illuminati/Cabal members and asked to explain surrender. I had surrendered to the Light six years earlier and, aside from a three month detour in 2008, had made all my decisions in accordance with my surrender decision…checking with Divinity for greater good guidance before making any decision and following that guidance without fail. Perhaps that is the reason I was invited to ‘speak’ to this group. At the time, they were considering the option of surrendering to the Light and they wanted to understand it better. It was an amazing meeting and I ‘knew’ I was inspired throughout, including the offer I made toward the end to assist any of them who chose to surrender. That ‘birthed’ within me a gift I have used on many occasions since, the ability to assist people who chose to switch into the Light to make that transition. I am a conduit in these transactions. The person comes to me energetically, in the etheric, and requests my help in shifting into the Light. I agree and the rest happens in some miraculous way that I do not understand. It is as though their spirit or soul passes through me into the Light. They continue their life but they are shifted and now serve the Light.
 Two or three weeks ago, a member of the Chimera, a non-human species came to me requesting this assistance. Our communications were confused and limited and I thought I was being invaded, possessed is the term used in religious circles. I have a great deal of experience in clearing my field of any interference and began to use those methods to deal with this interference. Eventually, with the help of an invocation I did later in the day, the invader left and I asked to understand what had happened.
‘It was a member of the Chimera wanting your help to transition into the Light’. Wowthank you for that opportunity and I am willing to continue to serve in that capacity. All I ask is that the process become easier, using the term Ease and Grace as guidelines. 
Since that initial experience a handful of other Chimera agents have followed suit and the process we are pioneering has become easier and more graceful. 
A few days ago, the inspiration came to me that I had the opportunity, perhaps uniquely, to broker a deal between humanity and the Chimera. The idea took shape over the next day or two and I brought it up with my friend Kelly prior to an invocation. She volunteered to be a part of the process having fought darkness in lifetime after lifetime. My plan felt ill formed and I was not sure I had the authority to embark on this pathway but agreed to check in during the invocation where answers to such questions are amplified and clear; and inspiration is all around us.
We entered into the invocation and it was quickly confirmed that I had the authority to broker a deal. I called in the head of the Chimera group and I began the negotiations, inspired in all I said. ‘The Chimera is under severe pressure from the Light’s Resistance and soon you will be defeated and sent from Earth. Your options at that point may be very limited as I am getting that Earth is now your home and you have no home planet to which you are welcome or have a desire to return. It is coming to me that you were born on an occupied planet and have used cloning technologies so you no longer look like other members of your species, instead looking like a human. My offer to you is to assist you to shift into the Light and you can then stay on Earth as a human being. Your technologies will all be shut down and you will be stripped of all your power over others. You will have to learn to honour the sovereignty of others; but you will have a home. You can remain on Earth and be part of humanity. As you know, I have assisted other members of your group to shift into the Light and if you so choose, I will assist you.’
Kelly then began to address the Chimera and I invited communications through telepathy. Within a short time, the Chimera told me his name was Seth and he accepted my offer. We quickly did the transition as the pathway is by now well developed and my Ease and Grace request has been honoured. 
The rest of the invocation flew by as Kelly took control and most of the rest of it was her agenda and my role is to hold space and support her. My personal experience was one of great joy and deep gratitude at being a part of this great endeavour, part of humanity’s shift into a timeline of the Light.
The Chimera and their technology is the major obstacle at present and shifting the head of the Chimera into the Light is a huge step forward. 
Seth is duplicitous, by nature and through millennium of practice, but a shift into the Light changes him in ways he does not fathom. I do not know how all this will play out or even if the Light’s Resistance is or will be made aware that Seth is shifted. The Resistance is very close to ending the Chimera’s long reign by force and now instead of a ‘fight to the death’, Seth has options.
Soon, the power of the Chimera will be ended and their technologies will be decommissioned. The pathway into a Light based shared human timeline then becomes smooth and unencumbered.
Freedom for humanity…

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  1. Judy says:

    amazing…shared with the weird and wonderful group !!

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