Light Bodies

Much has happened in the nine days since the invocation with my friend Kelly where I made the surrender proposal to the leader of the Chimera, a man called Seth. The Chimera are dark loving ETs who came to earth thousands of years ago. They built underground bases and installed technologies targeting to control humanity and keep humanity in limited consciousness.

The essence of the proposal is that the Chimera surrender to the Light and decommission all their technologies, in return the Chimera will be allowed to choose from Light based survival options including remaining on earth and becoming fully human. Seth accepted this proposal.
It occurred to me that the Light’s Resistance who have already removed the Chimera from all but two of their underground bases and defeated the reptilians guarding them would benefit from knowledge of this surrender proposal. When Kelly and I did our next invocation I invited in the leader of the Light’s Resistance and informed him of the surrender proposal. He identified himself as Ashtar (yes, The Ashtar) and welcomed the information.  We then called in Seth and encouraged the two to begin surrender negotiations based on what had been proposed.
Kelly is a healer and at one invocation we brought in Seth and he agreed to clearings which Kelly performed. Seth and the Chimera are pretty messed up as one would expect based on a lifestyle of domination and control over others where they benefit (in ways I do not understand) from creating misery within humanity. Kelly has since formed a friendship with Seth and often carries on telepathic communications where the two communicate about what it is like to be human. Awesome work…well done Kelly!
Ashtar is now a regular invitee at all of our invocations. He has become part of our team of Light that we call in to begin the invocation. Seth is usually called in as a visitor and we work with him as guided before releasing him to work on other issues. In one such segment with Seth, he informed us that he was having difficulty with some of his lieutenants and requested our help. I asked him to bring them into the invocation, which he did. The Light works through me on such occasions and the lieutenants were each gifted Light Bodies in a mass ceremony.
By way of explanation, the Chimera are part of a warrior race created by the dark creator god, Ankara during his two million year attempt to take over the galaxy. He created races without a Light Body but with the capacity to have one installed later. This is what occurred during the invocation. In simple terms, a Light Body is a being’s connection to Source. All humans have one but through genetic reengineering and various technologies, most humans have disconnected from their Light Bodies. It is possible to reconnect and reactivate our Light Body and many humans have done so. Once the Chimera technologies are decommissioned, this will be far simpler to do and with the Shift into a Light based shared timeline, such work will be widely supported.
As it relates to the Chimera, their newly acquired Light Body gives them many options they previously did not have. I do not fully understand all of this however, I know many others who were created without Light Bodies have acquired them. Essentially, by shifting into the Light, beings create opportunities to activate their Light Body and whole races have achieved this. It is a major part of the agenda of all of Ankara’s created races. One of my best human friends was reptilian in origin and had acquired a Light Body in a previous lifetime which enabled him to incarnate as a human on earth.
I wondered about the wisdom of gifting Light Bodies to a group of hardline Chimera lieutenants but was assured that a Light Body cannot be used for nefarious purposes and would only assist in the surrender process by giving the lieutenants Light based options after their surrender/defeat by the Light’s Resistance.
How long this process will take is not known to me. All I get is that the Chimera are very close to capitulating. Once that happens, the Shift (Event) will be initiated and humanity will at long last shift into a Light based shared timeline.
The magnitude of this shift blows my mind. It is indeed an honour to play a role.
Freedom for humanity…

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2 Responses to Light Bodies

  1. Judy says:

    blows my mind, too John…thank you for your ‘new found purpose’…awesome…Judy

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