Chimera Surrender?

I just received an unconfirmed report from a friend that the Chimera have surrendered to the Light!

Is it true? Has it really finally happened?
I had no such premonition and the report took me by surprise. Yes, I got some confirming ‘truth jolts’ but my normal methods of checking such things out are ineffective right now since I am so keyed up that I can’t really go quiet or even call in my unseen guides for information. This is something I am so invested in that all possible checks are biased and unreliable. So I am just going to let it be and let time and sleep (if I can sleep…lol) do the checking. Often information comes to me in the night and on something like this, I would expect to know more in the morning.
For those who don’t know, the Chimera are dark loving ETs that came to Earth 25,000 years ago and created a vast underground network of bases where they installed invasive technology and have ruled over humanity using human puppets such as the Illuminati.
What would the Chimera surrender mean? Everything…the Chimera have been the power behind the throne, the unseen force that has kept the dark’s illusion in place. They own and operate the technology that has kept humanity in limited consciousness and the technology that has held humanity hostage. Their surrender includes the turning over of all hostage technology such as the strangelet bomb and the toplet bomb.
Their surrender  also includes the decommissioning of their technologies that have interfered with humanity’s consciousness and kept us in limited consciousness. The best known of these technologies is called the veil. The veil is the technology that allowed the dark to place Earth and Humanity in quarantine; cut us off from Light based sister civilizations such as the Pleiadians and the Sirians. The Chimera have other limited consciousness technologies as well. I am not familiar with many of them but have dealt with some such as the hum technology that targeted specific people, fortunately few in number, and technologies embedded deep within human DNA. Decommissioning all of these technologies will make a huge difference.
Now, lets talk about the ending of the dark’s quarantine. There are literally thousands of Light ships in our skies from hundreds of sister civilizations. They have been kept at bay by the quarantine and by the veil but the Chimera surrender ends all of that. Soon humanity will be welcoming these Light based civilizations to visit and share their wondrous technologies. The long quarantine will soon be over.
Without the support of the Chimera and the threat the Chimera posed, the humans who have secretly ruled over humanity and brought us the dark timeline of duality and scarcity will soon be deposed. Humanity will quickly shift into Light based governance and the Light based timeline of oneness and abundance will soon rise up and become humanity’s shared timeline.
The end of the Chimera and the surrender of their technology is also the end of the Illuminati and the Cabal. Neither of these human puppet governments can survive long without the clout and the threat posed by the Chimera.
The long awaited shift into oneness and abundance is begun.
See why I am so excited? Let the good times roll!
Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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