Chimera Surrender Progress Report

Information did come in the night and the Chimera’s surrender is confirmed. What an awesome turn of events.

I have been working with a friend named Katelon on this and other issues for months now. About two weeks ago we first targeted to introduce ourselves to the Chimera and make a surrender option available to them. This is written in the blog post called Let’s Make a Deal. The leader of the Chimera accepted this surrender option which carries the condition of shutting down all the Chimera’s dark technologies in return for the option of becoming fully human; which is attractive to some but not all of the Chimera. Since then, all of the Chimera have been granted Light Bodies which gives them the option of joining any race within the Universe including returning to their home planet which is attractive to many of the Chimera.

In today’s session, Katelon and I completed this work and welcomed any of the Chimera who choose to become fully human. To date, they have used cloned bodies which have many limitations and this work will allow them the options of being born into a human body or walking into a human body that the present owner is willing to leave. That fulfills humanity’s portion of the surrender deal.

The Chimera’s portion of the surrender deal remains to be completed. Yes the surrender has taken place but their technologies continue to operate. Why is that? All the Chimera technologies are booby trapped to prevent tampering and attacks by the Light. To the dark mind, today’s eventuality was unthinkable and the Chimera and their dark masters have worked for thousands of years to prevent a Light based take-over of these technologies. The Chimera are now working as partners with Ashtar and the Light’s Resistance to undo this work and safely shut down these technologies.

When we (Katelon and I) offered to assist in this work, we were told that we had no expertise and encouraged to leave it to the experts and we gladly assented; giving our blessings.

Awesome events. Awesome to have played a role.

Freedom for humanity…

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6 Responses to Chimera Surrender Progress Report

  1. Judy says:

    Breathtaking series of events…heartfelt gratitude to John and awesome…Judy

  2. katelon says:

    Thanks for letting me be a part of this work. I’m so grateful for the surrender as it released me from Chimera attacks I’d been under since we started this work. Now for the technologies to be removed from my body, from humanity and the planet. I’m grateful that so many Chimera were open to transitioning to the light. I’m VERY grateful that Seth, the head of the Chimera, was willing to transition to the light and has worked so very hard to negotiate this surrender and now to assist in shutting down the technologies. Soon, the shift can happen and we can finally live fully in our divinity and the light, on this planet.

  3. katelon says:

    I’m also grateful that the release of pain yesterday signaled to me that the Chimera had surrendered, and thus I could alert you!

  4. aaron says:

    Katelon…I would like to personally offer my gratitude for your assistance as well as to John in assisting in the process in liberating all live streams upon this beautiful planet.

  5. Judy says:

    hear hear Aaron…Judy

  6. susan says:

    amazing have just read the most recent posts…
    thank you,thank you,thank you….

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