Chimera Surrender Complete

I will admit to a case of cold feet this morning. After taking the intention of writing this blog before retiring last night, I developed cold feet while I slept and woke with my procrastination response in full bloom. I have learned to honour my procrastination response and took a morning walk and coffee break to sort it all out.

Procrastination can be based on many things; some of them valuable and some valueless as they are based solely on fear. I knew there was some fear in this procrastination based on ‘I have no proof; people can claim I am imagining it all and I would not be able to prove otherwise’. My target is to be fearless and to trust my experience, no matter how esoteric or unusual and on my return walk home, I realized I was to write the blog and let the chips fall where they may.
My target is for each blog entry to be self-sufficient so a quick summary is necessary. The Chimera are dark loving ETs who came to earth 25,000 years ago and built underground bases where they installed technologies targeting to enslave humanity by quarantining Earth and keeping humanity in limited consciousness. Their technologies were of two types, one targeting to maintain the quarantine, the other targeting limited consciousness for humanity.
The Chimera’s off-world support disappeared in the 1990’s when their dark creator god surrendered to the Light and advised them to do likewise. They declined, becoming rogue entities and continued their underground bases and their technologies; continuing their quarantine of Earth and humanity. The Light resistance, a Light based ET fighting force led by Ashtar, were given the authority to defeat the Chimera and by the end of this summer had cleared them out of their deep bases and limited them to two remaining bases, both in the USA. The final push to remove them from earth was slowed and made treacherous by the Chimera’s possession of destructive technology known as the toplet bomb, dark technology that threatened the entire planet.
About a month ago, I was given information that I should contact the Chimera and offer them terms of surrender on behalf of humanity. I honoured this information and began work with my friend Katelon on this project. She volunteered and has been invaluable as we proceeded.
The terms of surrender were that the Chimera surrender to the Light and turn over all their technology including the toplet bomb…in return, they would be granted Light Bodies and could become fully human, living on earth as human beings. Seth, the leader of the Chimera, accepted these conditions and began working with Ashtar, the leader of the Light resistance, to effect the surrender. On October 29, the Chimera formally surrendered but shutting down the technology was complicated as it was booby-trapped.
Yesterday, November 7, Katelon received information that the technology had been shut down, thus completing the terms of surrender. Katelon and I did an invocation later in the day seeking confirmation and offering our services as the dark is being pushed from their control over humanity. Without the leadership of the Chimera and the threat posed by their technology, their human minions are on borrowed time.
After creating the sacred space of the invocation and invoking cosmic law, we called in Ashtar and Seth and asked them for status reports. It was true, the Chimera have completed their surrender. The toplet bomb is now in Ashtar’s safe keeping and all their mind control technologies are shut down.
‘What about the veil?’ we asked. Ashtar’s response ‘Yes, it is shut down but continues to operate in the hands of the human minions…that is work for humanity, not work we are to do.’
Next came Seth, the leader of the Chimera. Katelon has developed a friendship with Seth and frequently communicates telepathically. She has also done a number of healing sessions on Seth and on all the Chimera. As you might well imagine, they are or at least were pretty messed up, living their dark lifestyle and creating all sorts of human misery. We applauded Seth and welcomed him as part of humanity. Katelon has discussed Seth’s options for becoming fully human and it appears he is choosing the walk-in route, targeting to become a ’25 year old Italian male’…lol.
What an amazing development. How all of this will play out I do not know. Katelon and I then did a variety of work related to ousting the human dark from power and that work is now much more advanced than most people realize. The shift into a Light based shared human timeline is very close.
Awesome in every way.
Freedom for humanity…

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6 Responses to Chimera Surrender Complete

  1. This is good news, thanks for sharing. We need to work on shutting the veil from the human minions. How do we do that? Let us get to work on that.

  2. aaron says:

    Wonderful news…John. Always in support in your mission.

  3. Judy says:

    awesome indeed…amazing….thank you both…Judy

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  5. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    On some level, I am sure this is true…I think we all feel things shifting in major ways on a daily basis now…so it won’t be long before we see results in the physical plane….

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