The Dark’s Last Stand

With the surrender earlier this month of the Chimera, dark loving ETs with underground strongholds here on earth, the Earth’s dark is facing their last stand. Their situation is without hope as they have few resources and their power and influence is ebbing quickly. It is purely a matter of time.

My friend Katelon and I continue to do what we can to hasten the dark’s ouster. Yesterday, after invoking a sacred space filled with beings of the Light we called in some people to give them an update of the situation. Obama, Russia’s Putin and the Chimera’s Seth were called in as members of the Light and then we called in a variety of observers. The BRICS Alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) who are leading the human faction bringing a Light based monetary system to humanity, the Chinese Dragon Family who are the keepers of a portion of humanity’s prosperity funding, St Germain, reporters such as Fulford, Wilcox and Nidle, and Rupert Murdock as a representative of the media (currently controlled by the dark). There were others but you get the idea.
We began with a summary of the present situation focussing on the Chimera’s recent surrender and asked both Ashtar, the leader of the ET based Light Resistance, and Seth, the Chimera leader who orchestrated the surrender to confirm what we were saying. Seth volunteered that he is now working with Ashtar as a resource to complete the Light Resistance’s assignment of ending the quarantine and shutting down the veil and all mind control technologies that currently operate. The veil is dark technology brought to Earth by the Chimera which targets to maintain the dark’s quarantine of earth, thus preventing humanity from interacting with any of the Light based civilizations throughout the galaxy and beyond.
We then targeted two things. The end of the dark’s control of humanity’s shared timeline…and the birthing of a Light based major media outlet to begin bringing Light based truth and transparency to humanity’s media, especially here in the Western world.
The ending of the dark’s control includes the birthing of a Light based financial system to replace the current system and sideline all those who serve the dark through world financial slavery. As we understand it, the Light based alternative includes Global Currency Revaluations, better known as the RV (revaluation). Katelon is especially interested in this aspect as she has invested in some of these currencies which will allow her the financial freedom to pursue her mission as she sees fit.
Financial slavery has been a major weapon of the earth’s dark as it prevents Lightworkers from fully dedicating themselves to their mission and withholds funding from Light based projects. We targeted to empower those bringing forth Light based financial shifts and contain those who oppose such shifts.
We ended with a call to both Obama and Putin to lead humanity in the work of ousting the dark. I told Obama a little story of a guided journey I took in 2011. It was a long walk and for much of it, I carried on an etheric conversation with Obama saying it was time to oust the dark cabal from power in the USA. It was not yet time but now it is.
We are about to see Obama’s true self and follow Putin’s world leadership into a bright and beautiful shared human timeline of the Light. The earth’s dark is about to be sidelined forever. Light based governance is about to take over world wide and soon spread to each and every country around the globe.
The dark’s last stand can only end in total victory for the Light.
Freedom for humanity…

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9 Responses to The Dark’s Last Stand

  1. Thanks for all you are doing. This is great work.

  2. allura says:

    Is this real?! you are the second website to even talk about the chimera where no one has saved for portal2012 of cobra’s who first revealed it and he has yet to say anything about this. Im skeptical because a lot info you gave could had been summarized by the formers blog yet hoping this is all true because this meant that the event would begin anytime now.

  3. mookie2112 says:

    To the poster above called “Allura”. COBRA made a post just 2 days ago (11/10/14) saying: TOP EGG L4 infection cleared. It’s very possible that COBRA is refering to the clearing of the toplet. Notice the wording of TOP EGG. TOPlet. see? It’s possible the TOPlet was the EGG and that the “infection” is cleared. Hope this is clear.

  4. allura says:

    CobraNovember 12, 2014 at 9:26 AM
    The Chimera has not surrendered and has not been defeated

    So either this blog got the wrong information or were tricked or its trying to do something else……..

  5. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    If this is true then I’m all in. If WE’re all in then this IS true!
    Victory of the Light!

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  7. Vinczenzo says:

    If chimera truly surrender everyone sence that

  8. Thetawave says:

    Reblogged this on Infinite Shift.

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