Today’s Berlin Wall

At the end of WWII, Germany was occupied by the Allies and the country was divided into four sectors occupied by the four major allied countries, (Soviet Union (Russia), USA, Britain and France). The capital city of Berlin which was in East Germany was also so divided. The Soviet Union took a very different occupying approach to the western allies and the result was two nations, East Germany under communism and West Germany under capitalism. With mass defections of East Germans toward the increased freedom of West Germany, mostly through the joint transportation systems in Berlin, the communists decided to erect a wall dividing Berlin into two cities, East Berlin and West Berlin.  Construction began in 1961 and the Berlin Wall remained until 1989 when citizens of East Germany were once again allowed to visit and interact with citizens of West Germany. Within a year the two countries were reunified.

Walls are necessary when two systems interact and one side wants to prevent mixing so they build a wall. That is being played out on a world wide scale at the present time and the situation is very analogous to the Berlin Wall. The East Berliners are humanity, contained behind the wall and prevented from interacting with those who have greater freedom. The West Berliners are the Light loving ETs of the Galactic Federation of Light. The East German politicians are the cabal/illuminati who currently control world politics. Their Russian political masters are the dark loving ETs of the now defunct Ankara Alliance, including the now surrendered Chimera and their underground bases. The post WWII western politicians are the BRICS Alliance and APEC who are Light loving human politicians. The Berlin Wall itself is the veil, dark technology that prevents ET crafts from safely navigating here on Earth.
Within this analogy, the wall is about to crumble. The veil is about to be breached. The political will to maintain the wall/veil is crumbling behind the scenes and one morning soon humanity will awaken to a new world where we will be allowed to visit with our ET families and friends, where the veil/wall is no more.
Many other similarities to the Berlin Wall exist. Like the East German politicians, the ruling class of humanity is spying on their own citizens and those who do not toe the party line are being persecuted in various ways. Like communism, the current world wide political system enslaves humanity and deprives them of various freedoms, the most important of which is individual sovereignty. Like the East German citizens, humanity is being fed propaganda and outright lies, the biggest of which is that ETs do not exist.
There are also differences. Unlike the Soviet political masters who were still very much in place when the Berlin Wall was breached, the ET off-world dark masters are now all surrendered to Light and the earth’s dark minions are without support. They are living on borrowed time. Unlike the highly visible Berlin Wall, a monument to the futility of communism, the veil is invisible and humanity’s dark masters have been able to carry out a convincing illusion that ETs do not exist. The East Germans were well aware that the West Germans existed and they did not buy into the party line that their life was ‘as good as it gets.’ That is all that is keeping the veil in place right now. Humanity is not aware of the greater freedoms and abundance that is commonplace for all advanced ET civilizations and this lack of knowledge is allowing the earth’s dark minions to continue to control humanity.
None the less, the illusion constructed and maintained by the dark is about to crumble and the veil, today’s Berlin Wall is about to be breached. The similarities will continue. Once breached the wall/veil will lose all power and reunification will be swift and decisive. Disclosure will be everywhere and the abundance that is part of every highly advanced civilization will flow quickly and irreversibly into humanity. Free energy, travel by intention, instant manifestation of all survival needs, and rejuvenation which is the end of aging are features of what is on the other side of today’s Berlin Wall.
Very soon, these things will be humanity’s shared timeline and humanity will naturally shift into a Light based shared timeline where today’s version of the Berlin Wall is no more.
Freedom for humanity…

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