Manifesting into the Physical

I have long known that creating at the etheric level then manifesting what is created into the physical level are two separate and distinct activities. Also, there is a time delay between the two commonly called a gestation period. The gestation period is of indefinite length and varies widely from a few minutes to several days or even weeks, depending on a variety of factors.

I am presently learning a great deal about all of this because what is currently being created in the etheric is dramatically different from what has existed in the physical. Humanity is in the process of birthing a shared timeline of the Light and what currently exists is the dying shared timeline created and manifest by the dark. The current dark timeline is characterized by duality and scarcity. The birthing Light based timeline is characterized by oneness and abundance.
Early in 2012, I learned that the most effective way to change something is to create the desired timeline at the level of the etheric. Once this is done, the laws of creation go into operation and no power on earth can prevent manifestation of what has been created. Creating a shared timeline is a far more complex undertaking than creating individual timelines. Shared timelines require cooperation and teamwork since what is created must eventually be made manifest.
For thousands of years, humanity’s shared timeline has been created and made manifest by the dark. They understand these principles and a small but powerful alliance of darkly inclined ETs and their human minions have dominated the slumbering masses of humanity and imposed their chosen timeline of duality and scarcity upon all of humanity. That began to change with the harmonic convergence in 1987 where for the first time in thousands of years, the Light won a battle in the etheric for the right to create humanity’s shared timeline.
Since that occasion, many battles at the etheric level have been fought and won by the Light. Humanity is waking up from limited consciousness and Lightworkers are now far more numerous with sufficient etheric level skills to win these battles. The dark is better coordinated and controls humanity’s information sources but the Light is far more numerous and enough of us are following our inner guidance, thus providing a unified front.
My guidance was to begin working with others to shift their individual timelines into the Light. We developed etheric level skills in this process and lately, we have been affecting the shared timeline of all of humanity. This is especially true of the work Katelon and I are doing. We stumbled upon the timeline of brokering the surrender of the Chimera, dark loving ETs with underground strongholds here on earth, and have used the skills and etheric level contacts made doing this work to play a role in the etheric level surrender of the US based cabal, the last of the earth’s dark masters to surrender to the Light’s agenda.
This work is leading edge work and it taps into the coordinated Light based efforts that target to bring a Light based timeline to earth and to humanity, thus ending the dark’s long reign and sidelining the dark’s self serving timeline based on artificially imposed scarcity. Ousting the dark is a necessary step toward the birthing of a shared timeline of the Light and this etheric level surrender effectively ousts them.
Katelon and I continue to meet daily targeting to manifest the surrender into the physical. Today’s nearly four hour session opened our eyes in many ways. We learned that the etheric level surrender of November 21st is not yet manifest in the physical and many obstacles remain to this manifestation. We asked where we could be of assistance and worked diligently on those issues. The major contribution requested was removing the energies blocking the physical level surrender of the cabal.
Two other pressure points were identified. Removing the energies blocking disclosure; humanity’s acknowledgement that we are not alone in the Universe. The other was removing the energies blocking the shift into Light based media outlets reporting truth. Our skill set is very adept at targeting and eliminating blocking energies and that is the contribution we are making daily. Clearly we are not alone in these efforts. A huge team of Lightworkers is working behind the scenes and the new Light based governance systems are poised to be seamlessly put in place. 
Soon the cabal’s surrender will be manifest into our physical reality and humanity will at long last birth a Light based shared reality. Joyous times are in the offing.
Freedom for humanity…

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10 Responses to Manifesting into the Physical

  1. katelon says:

    Great summary, thanks. Going to re-blog it!

  2. katelon says:

    Reblogged this on Empower and Balance and commented:
    John wrote a great summary of our work yesterday!

  3. Sam says:

    such an outstnding article. The work that you guys are doing is much apprieciated. I know in heart that it want be long before we the humanity will be free from eons of enslavement on all levels. I can see you both writing your own book of this wonderful journey, yes at times very difficult I am sure but well worth it, we will all look back this and say wow, well that was good but don’t want to do it again. aha moment.

    • katelon says:

      Thanks Sam! I am taking notes for possible write up in the future. Will be great to look back at this time and see the part we played and be glad it is all over!

  4. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    A way that is taught on one of the hollow earth calls with Zorra is to visualize what you want to manifest, a physical object and when you see it materialize, then say it is done, and it will be there. Create from the heart, also. I have not been able to manifest like this, yet, I am working on it. I think humanitys and my vibrations need to rise, as well as believing this can be done, knowing this can be done.

  5. Teasy says:

    keep on the great work, beloved friends …
    i foresee some positive surprises in the very near future …
    one can also track and trace the etheric shifts on every next level of more and more denseness all the way to physicality …
    i have noticed that one can lead these shifts most effectively by merely tapping into the ever-present space of now, and infusing all of one’s physical actions with this all-pervasive perspective …
    thank you for sharing!

  6. Thetawave says:

    Reblogged this on Infinite Shift.

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