Bringing the Cabal’s Surrender into the Physical

The US based branch of the cabal, led by the Bush’s and their cronies, is now standing alone in resistance to shifting all of humanity into a Light based timeline. The European based illuminati has agreed to terms of surrender and there is no longer any off-planet dark supporters or non-human dark supporters that have not surrendered to the Light’s agenda. Ankara, the dark creator god surrendered in 1996 and humanity’s off-world masters, the Anunnaki, followed suit shortly thereafter. The Chimera, dark loving ETs who built underground strongholds here on earth, surrendered a few weeks ago. The Archons, non physical dark supporters here on earth completed their surrender a few days ago and so, the US based cabal now stands alone.

A major step forward toward the cabal’s surrender took place earlier this month on November 21st when the leadership of the US based cabal surrendered at the etheric level. All that remained was for the etheric level reality to be made manifest in the physical.
Katelon and I continue our daily etheric level sessions targeting the physical surrender of the cabal. We help out where requested, principally using our etheric level skills to clear away blocking energies; we also broker alliances and assist those wanting to transition into the Light. Yesterday saw a major breakthrough when a high-level cabalist shifted into the Light and later in the day, Katelon ‘got’ that the physical level surrender had been completed. I got confirmation of this information and it looked although this phase of our work was complete.
Around 3.30 (MST) this morning I was awakened and informed that something had gone amiss. The surrender agreement was under attack by a faction within the cabal and I meditated to assist in protecting the agreement and keeping it in place. Once my part was done, I was able to return to bed and to sleep. I awoke in the morning to a ‘knowing’ that the attack had been defeated and no serious detour had been created.
During our morning’s session, Katelon and I learned that a new false flag operation had been attempted by the rebel cabal faction but that Ashtar’s Light Resistance forces had been able to prevent it. The cabal leadership that had orchestrated the surrender were back in charge but the surrender agreement was temporarily suspended pending a resolution of this rebel uprising. Katelon and I did all we were asked to do in support of the surrender and once again turned the matter over to those doing the actual work.
The physical level surrender of the US cabal is once again cued up and ready to happen. Once this takes place, the shift into a Light based shared timeline for all of humanity will be well and truly underway.
Disclosure, Light based media outlets and Light based financial systems will follow directly. Humanity will then be on the timeline of oneness and abundance and all the beautiful and marvellous things this entails. Free energy, world peace, daily interactions with our ET brethren, abundance technologies, rejuvenation and many other miracles will soon follow.
Freedom for humanity…

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4 Responses to Bringing the Cabal’s Surrender into the Physical

  1. aaron says:

    LOVE the progress…Gratitude to all their doings.

  2. Thetawave says:

    Reblogged this on Infinite Shift.

  3. Nur says:

    Thanku for all your efforts on humanity’s behalf, and everyone else. And thanku for keeping us posted. I send u love and light and peace

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