The Backroom Boys

At the very top of the dark’s human hierarchy is a very small group of people. These are not public figures, nor do they seek the limelight, and because they control all the major media outlets, they do not appear in the headlines or on the lists of the world’s wealthiest people. They all have diplomatic immunity so they can move about the world at will and without questions being asked. These are the humans who have controlled the world’s politicians including the royal families in countries that still have royalty. We do not know their names or recognize their faces and that is way they want it. I call them the backroom boys.

When the US cabal negotiated a surrender agreement in late November and moved to bring that agreement into physical reality, the backroom boys were flushed from their places of hiding. The backroom boys were hoping for a cover-up to be included in the surrender agreement and when that did not turn out to be the case, they orchestrated a mutiny led by junior members whom they backed, including David Cohen as stated earlier, and derailed the surrender agreement.
The backroom boys are skilled at making and breaking promises and that is the game they are now playing. These are the same families who breached the surrender deadline of the June solstice of 2012 as set by the Light which triggered the use of containment and many of them still operate within forms of containment that prevent them from taking damaging actions to the detriment of humanity. Those with the power to derail Ascension and destroy earth and humanity are long gone and the ones who are left rely on duplicity and the remnants of the dark’s control structures such as control of the media, control of the world’s financial systems, and control of the political processes in many countries.
Had humanity ascended as scheduled at the December solstice of 2012, these are the people who would have inherited control of the timeline of that portion of humanity who did not ascend but these plans were derailed when humanity collectively agreed to delay ascension until all of humanity was ready to ascend together. That timeline, called the inclusive ascension timeline, is now being played out and it calls for the defeat of the darkness and replacing those targeting self-interested agendas with governance targeting the greater good.
The inclusive ascension timeline has two main options and we are at that cross-roads as we speak. One is for mass arrests in which the key players in the dark’s world-wide hierarchy are arrested and brought to trial. The other is the surrender option that is currently on the table in which the dark hierarchy agrees to terms of surrender and the dark peacefully turns over power in return for amnesty provisions.
The backroom boys believe they can set the dark’s agenda and drive a hard bargain knowing the Light would far rather do a surrender agreement because of the benefits of a cooperative transfer of power. With that as background, I will switch gears and talk about today’s session with Katelon where we worked at the etheric level in support of the Light’s attempts to bring the surrender agreement into the physical.
Katelon and I have been meeting daily since early November targeting to bring about a surrender agreement by assisting the Light’s negotiating team and offering energetic clearing services as requested by the Light. The dark has been invited to these session as observers and some have chosen to shift into the Light, part of the services we provide. They can see the hand-writing on the wall and like to be on the winning side. We have been given information throughout this process and the situation as outlined above came to our attention over the past few days.
One of my favourite all time movies is Stand by Me, a coming of age movie where four prepubescent boys go in search of a body rumoured to have been hit by a train. They find the body but the neighbourhood bully gang, older boys driving cars led by a punk called Ace, shows up and moves to steal their prize. The hero of the piece has packed the family handgun on the adventure and pulls it on Ace. ‘What are you going to do, kill us all?’ leers Ace. ‘No Ace, just you’ and he cocks the gun, levelling it at Ace’s chest. Ace turns tail and the confrontation is over.
I drew this analogy when we brought the backroom boys into today’s session. They have been acting as if they can hold up the surrender option and force the Light to default into the mass arrests option unless they get their way. ‘No Ace, just you’ applies very well. The surrender option has already been negotiated and is well supported by the dark. The Light now has the option of arresting only those standing in its way; arresting only the backroom boys. Somehow this selective arrest option needed expression and someone representing humanity had to express it. That was my contribution to today’s session.
Soon the surrender option will be agreed either with or without the backroom boys and humanity can proceed with an orderly transfer of power into the hands of Light. What follows close behind are all sorts of miracles and the birthing of a shared human timeline of the Light.
Freedom for humanity…

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5 Responses to The Backroom Boys

  1. Lina says:

    Sounds good!!😃👍

  2. katelon says:

    Thanks for the summary! Well done! Thanks for the courage to do it!

  3. Judy says:

    Well done, indeed…thank you John…I like your term…the backroom boys…Judy

  4. Very interesting and sounds good.

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