Combining Surrender and Disclosure

Ever since the Chimera (dark loving ETs with underground bases here on Earth) surrendered in November, my focus has been on manifesting the surrender of the earth’s human dark.

Much progress has been made and it looked like it would happen on a couple of occasions but then obstacles appeared and the surrender announcement did not happen. First the progress…the terms of surrender were agreed last fall and the dark kingpins, both in Europe and in America, have signed off; in fact a signed surrender agreement exists but has not yet been made public.
The earth’s dark power structure is well developed and remains well funded and has been taken over by new dark bosses with the tactic support of several of the world’s elected leaders. These dark structures continue to chug along as if nothing has happened. The world’s financial systems and the media remain under the control of the dark. Dark technologies such as the veil and the illusion continue. These new dark bosses are as ruthless as those they replaced and the signed surrender agreement has become part of the dark’s many secrets. Because the surrender agreement is signed by many elected officials, some have become complicent in this latest cover-up.
My friend Katelon and I continue our daily sessions working at the etheric level, at the level of energy, targeting to manifest the timeline of the dark’s surrender followed by an orderly transfer of power to the Earth’s Light. Disclosure is a major component of this strategy. The timeline we target to manifest is a pubic announcement broadcast worldwide that outlines the surrender agreement and invites the Light loving ETs to participate in an orderly transfer of power. The dark would be done in by this chain of events and a Light based shared timeline would begin at the moment of the public announcement.
There are a number of elected and appointed world officials that support this strategy and an announcement team has been formed. Supporting this team is the work we are doing. The team is already well protected and connected with the ET forces who support humanity’s shift into a shared Light based timeline. Every day, additional Light based resources are added and dark resistance is cleared. It is much like an old fashioned balance scale. The dark side is still heavier but the Light is gaining daily and soon the balance of power will shift and the announcement team will swing into action.
What about the media? Will they cover such an event? That is a major focus of the work taking place in these etheric level sessions. Our target is to bring sufficient media on board such that humans and existing networks provide the coverage and that looks probable. A back up plan also exists in case the media pulls a fast one. This back up plan is to override the network executives and proceed with full world-wide coverage. Humanity’s ET supporters certainly have the necessary technology should this become necessary.
Courage and solidarity for the announcement team are major components of the present work we are doing. The team continues to grow in size and strength and the announcement, including disclosure of humanity’s ET supporters, is not far off.
This timeline births all sorts of miracles. May it succeed.
Freedom for humanity…

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7 Responses to Combining Surrender and Disclosure

  1. RobToemik says:

    I see the big problem now is the media! They are so entrenched in their fear of, and belief in the dark that getting ANY Real Truth out is a formidable task! My prayers and thought are with you all!

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  3. I appreciate, cause I discovered just what I used to be
    taking a look for. You have ended my four day long hunt!
    God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

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