The Light’s 9/11

A friend asked, ‘How do you think the shift into the Light will happen?’

My answer: What my friend Katelon and I are working toward is a public announcement broadcast around the world announcing the surrender of the dark and beginning an orderly transfer of power over to the Light. The announcement will also include disclosure of our ET friends so they can assist and trouble shoot if necessary.
‘Hmmm…I don’t think humanity is ready for that…they will all go into shock.’
‘Were we ready for 9/11?’ I asked.
‘No way…I’m still not over the shock of that one.’
Exactly…shock is often the beginning of massive change and sometimes it is the best way  or perhaps the only way to get there. 9/11 was a massive shock engineered by the dark and it allowed them to make all kinds of changes favouring the dark. The legislation commonly known as the Patriots Act would never have been approved in the absence of the shocking events of 9/11.
Avoiding shock is not necessarily a good thing. This announcement will be a shock engineered by the Light and it too will usher in massive change. The big difference…the changes this time, a decade and a half later, will be changes favouring the Light. Massive changes all favouring the Light.
What kind of changes can we anticipate?
First of all, the dark’s long reign over humanity will be ended and for the first time in thousands of years, those calling the shots for humanity and for the planet will be people targeting the greater good; not people targeting their own good, but people targeting the greater good.
The world’s financial systems will be taken over by the Light, ending poverty and dissolving all interest bearing debt. Tax money will no longer be funnelled into a few very rich pockets to pay off interest bearing debt.
The media, long controlled by the dark, will shift into what they are supposed to do…report the truth. Long gone will be the massive cover-ups in which they currently engage.
Governance around the world will shift into serving the people. ‘For the people and by the people’ will no longer be empty promises.
All wars will end and that dark activity will cease forever with all disagreements being resolved through negotiations.
Free energy will replace fossil fuels and be available to all at no cost.
Aging and disease will disappear as humanity regains its birthright of ageless bodies and regenerative powers.
All dark technologies will be shut down. The existing quarantine of earth and of humanity will end. We can only guess at the positive impact of this change.
Humanity will welcome our ET friends and supporters and interact with them becoming full fledged and contributing members of the Galactic Federation of Light. The dark ETs surrendered to the Light nearly two decades ago thus ending the galactic wars that had raged for an estimated two million years.
What are we waiting for? One simple and shocking announcement!
May it happen soon!
Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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4 Responses to The Light’s 9/11

  1. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    I think it is very good that the nice ET’s will help out as we go through this shift. We need their assistance, in allowing the light to take hold in graceful way. And keeping the dark from interfering any more.

  2. Liz Fuller says:

    This will be an act of shock and awe that will bring enormous joy (not fear and confusion to humanity) This is truly GOOD News

  3. What a wonderful concept. For too long we have fought these so called elite and it is time they were put away in a place where they can learn servility and decency. They must be removed from this world to learn their lessons.

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