Espousing the Greater Good

A major turning point in my personal timeline occurred in May of 2006. I was attending the first of five ten day meditation retreats that I went to over an eighteen month period in ’06 and ’07 and was resisting the information flooding me that in order to live my mission, I would have to surrender to Divinity. I made the surrender choice and aside from a three month detour in the spring of ’08, I have lived my life surrendered to Divinity ever since. That amounts to nearly nine years of living in surrender and all the experiences that came my way in those nine years.

One of the realizations that has come to me and been reinforced time and again during those nine years is that Divinity always targets the greater good. In fact, living in surrender to Divinity amounts to living a life in service to the greater good.

Last night brought a couple more experiences that affected me profoundly.

The first was a series of energetic experiences that began around 3.30 a.m. and lasted for about two hours. I was awakened by pain in my solar plexus chakra, something that has happened occasionally during my journey and has meant ‘take action now’. What action to take is not immediately apparent but I got up and began to meditate, targeting to relieve the pain. Within a short while my body discharged some pent up energies and the pain subsided. I went back to bed and was awakened a half hour later to a repeat of this process. This repeated a couple more times until I was able to sleep normally. I always request information about such incidents but that was slow in coming so I simply did what I was asked to do; hoping information would be given to me later.

The second was a dream that woke me this morning and began my day. A blue eyed girl/young woman was turning the community against me. At first I just let it all happen but at some point I decided to take action and confronted the woman; ‘This is not acceptable…I will not be treated this way in my own house.’ No response, just those ice blue eyes staring back at me in defiance. I repeated my statement, same as before carrying the same anger and forcefulness as had my previous statement. This time the woman heard me and although she made no response, she would no longer make eye contact. ‘Okay, go do what you choose to do’ and it was clear to us both that she would not carry out her original intentions. That is when I woke up; still filled with the soul level anger that accompanied the confrontation.

Before my daily session with Katelon where we work toward bringing the dark’s surrender into the physical, I went walking and asked to understand both situations and what was being expected of me. It was clear that I was to address the human team we call forth each session who are targeting to effect the dark’s surrender and to call them on the latest delays that are taking place.

My message to the surrender team: After nine years of targeting the greater good and dedicating my life to serving humanity by shifting humanity’s shared timeline into a Light based timeline, I have considerable authority and the right to speak on behalf of humanity. The young woman in my dream represents humanity and especially that privileged portion of humanity who have succeeded within the dark’s timeline of scarcity and see it as in their best interest to continue this dark timeline. Many members of the Surrender Team, especially some of the newer members fit into that category. I address the entire team but especially those who want the existing timeline to continue. That is not acceptable. On behalf of humanity and especially on behalf of the greater good, I am saying the time for action is now. It is time to begin the process of ousting the dark and initiating a Light based timeline as humanity’s shared experience. I am starting the clock and will continue to support you until the clock runs out. We will then find someone else to initiate this work.

We then entered into a dialogue with the Team. ‘Does its leadership agree that taking action now serves the greater good?’ Yes.

‘Is there anyone who believes that continuing the current dark timeline serves the greater good?’ No.

Okay…lets get this done.

Freedom for humanity…



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9 Responses to Espousing the Greater Good

  1. swimman155 says:

    The messages seem to be getting more vague at this site. This one didn’t resonate with me at all.

  2. cbryant says:

    Will the Dark Ones ever be defeated? The Event was supposed to happen in 2012. We are still waiting. I’m starting to lose hope.

  3. I can relate…many are losing hope; but take faith, the Dark Ones will be defeated…no if, only when. 🙂

  4. ShaunieL says:

    Dear Mr Ross,

    Thank you for addressing this issue. It is about time for those who have prospered in the matrix at the expense of others to shift focus from self to we and us. Because, the truth is that no one profits in the old paradigm without someone having to ‘pay the price.’ Abundance and freedom are the divine right of every person and anyone who has less than that in this world is due to those who have commercialized the world, innocently or not, they continue to precipitate the imbalances.

    The spiritual litmus test on earth has become how to manifest all your desires, even as the majority go without their basic needs met, let alone having equal support and opportunity to fulfill their highest potential – as human beings – not capitalists.

    Having attended many seminars and workshops run by those who have succeeded at manifesting their desires, I can tell you that someone had to pay for it. They are supported by those who can afford it, as well as a lot of people who really cannot afford what they offer. If the poorer people manage to scrap together enough money to learn their techniques and they manage to succeed in manifesting capital abundance, they step into the bubble of those privileged to success.

    Even if you are doing what you love to earn a profit, that does nothing to reach out and encompass all those who are unable to escape their circumstances because they are being thwarted at every turn by those who enjoy dominating others.

    Though I was offered a number of opportunities to become a celebrity when I was younger, both for my art and for my singing ability, something always held me back from going down the path of manifesting my own little bubble of success and abundance. It was very confusing to both others and me.

    So many times I heard, ‘You are so talented and intelligent – why don’t you do something with it!’ and it made me feel confused and ashamed, guilty of a crime that I did not even know I committed. But, something inside me did not want to succeed if others did not have equal opportunities and support for fulfilling their heartfelt desires.

    Not everyone wants to be an over achiever, but they should have the opportunity and support to achieve at whatever level they are comfortable with – and have a decent life while they are doing so.
    Anyway, I now understand myself from a higher perspective and that I was asked to come in from a higher dimension to help anchor a higher vision and vibration on this planet.

    In the dimensions that I come from, all have equal opportunity to achieve whatever they desire and as much time as necessary to complete what they set out to do. There is no polarity and no judgement of a being’s accomplishments or mistakes. Mistakes are viewed with a sense of humor and are honored as a way to refine what you are working to accomplish.

    So, bravo for finally bringing this issue to the for – it is time for all of us to move into the greater expansion and expression of who we truly are – that cannot be at the expense or the abandonment of anyone. We must have an attitude of oneness in this inevitable transition – if it is not good for all, it is not good for one.

    Matthew McConaughey says it perfectly, ironically, in one of the Buick MKZ Hybrid ads, ‘Its not about hugging trees, it is not about being wasteful either. You just got to find that balance, where taking care of yourself, takes care of more – than just your ‘self.’ That’s the Sweet Spot.”

    The higher vibrations are permeating everything, even advertising, but I will rejoice when we live in a world of abundance, free energy, healing for all – and advertisements are no longer necessary.

    We are on our way… and so much closer every day.

    Blessings on all you do for All…

    • ShaunieL says:

      Have to correct myself, I said it was a Buick, but it is a Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. Even more impressive being that the Lincoln is an elite model of car.

      Oh, and I misspelled ‘fore’ when I thanked you for bringing this subject to the fore.

      That being said, Thank you again… and again, much appreciated.


    • Awesome Shaunie…thank you for your feedback and for being who you are. 🙂

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