An Update

It has been well over a month since I last posted on this blog and I made no posts in the month of April. People have been asking; some with that hopeful ‘maybe he has finally come to his senses’ energy but mostly with the energy of support and hopefulness and valuing the work represented by my blog and the information provided therein.

As for myself, I miss making regular blog posts and a part of me is disappointed at this hiatus. Throughout this hiatus, my guidance has been clear. ‘Your priority is to do the work you are doing and reporting is a secondary concern at present.’ 

Okay…what is this work I am doing?

Since early October, over six months ago, my friend Katelon and I have been working daily targeting to bring about the timeline of the surrender of the earth’s dark and an orderly transfer of power over to the earth’s Light. The result of this work will be a shift in humanity’s shared timeline into a timeline of the Light, ending the existing timeline of duality and scarcity that has been constructed by the dark and foisted upon the rest of humanity. Surrender is not the only way this shift can occur but it is one of the ways and has many advantages over shifts that occur by force; thus it is the targeted timeline of the work Katelon and I do every day.

The work itself all takes place within the etheric dimension at an unseen level I call the the level of energy or the level of creation. Because of the density of the dimension in which we live, often called the third dimension, this work does not instantly manifest into our physical reality. There is a gestation period as the work takes form and that gestation period is of indeterminate length. This gives everything we do a feeling of unreality, however, my guides and the Light assure me that the work we are doing is making a very positive contribution to the changes that are taking place.

A little more about this work seems appropriate. We begin each session by invoking a space of Love and Light where cosmic law is in effect. Part of our process is to invite in powerful beings of Light including Light based ETs, members of the angelic kingdom, ascended masters and Source itself and ask them to hold this sacred space within cosmic law. Only then do we begin the work itself. Because of the existing quarantine of earth and of humanity which allows the dark to operate outside of cosmic law, this is a powerful transformative space we create daily and live within for the duration of our session, usually a couple of hours. Within cosmic law and therefore within our sessions, the dark’s quarantine does not exist and the quarantine has no power within the space we create. Soon this space and cosmic law will expand and become the shared timeline of all of humanity.  That will be a very happy day indeed!

This work has been all consuming. Not only do we do daily sessions lasting two hours or more, we are both on call 24/7 and support this work and related activities around the clock. My contributions are mostly related to clearing negative energies and assisting in transformations into the Light. How it all works is not known to me although I am often aware at the conscious level that work is being done; sometimes with clear body based signals such as pain or energy running within one or more of my chakras. I am often awakened in the night to do related work and also have episodes where I am asked to contribute during my waking hours. It is not unusual for me to sleep ten plus hours and wake up very tired and enervated due to contributions I made during the night.

No complaints…just reporting.

All in all, very interesting times and very interesting work in which to be involved.

Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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2 Responses to An Update

  1. good to hear from you! Blessings for your work!

  2. Judy says:

    sharing…thank you for the catch-up, John…and all the work you and Katelon do…Judy

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