A Funeral

My oldest sister is two years older than me and despite being an excellent student with a scholarship, she married the summer after graduating from high school to a man she met in the small town we moved to in the senior year of her high school education. They settled in that same small town and lived there for the fifty plus years of their marriage including six children and many grandchildren. My dad’s business which took us to this small town failed and the family moved back to its roots the year I graduated from high school two years later. All told, I lived in this small town, Neilburg, Saskatchewan for three years…grades 10-12.

My sister’s husband died suddenly of a heart attack and the funeral was on Thursday. My sister and her husband were active in a fundamental christian religion, as are four of their six children, and the funeral service was conducted by church officials. I find this church very manipulating and controlling…cultish in fact; and the church has been a major factor in the estrangement of my sister (and her family) from the rest of the family. I was glad when the service finally concluded.

It was my first visit back to this town in many years and the reception after the funeral proved very interesting. I have not attended high school or class reunions and have not stayed in touch with my high school friends, some of whom were in attendance.

In the summer after grade 11, I met and briefly dated a woman visiting family in Neilburg although she attended high school in a distant Saskatchewan town. I really liked this girl, whom we will call Sally and fell in love but she was not interested in me and we went our separate ways. She was part of the catering group for the funeral and one of my high school friends brought her over to me and left us to talk about old times and renew acquaintances.

I had had a premonition that someone important to me would be there but Sally was the last person I expected. She had no roots to Neilburg and we had not seen each other in fifty years. It was like old times, I was instantly at home in her energy field and she was polite but seemingly unaffected. I asked the majority of questions learning she had married the man she was dating when we last saw each other; they later parted ways. About twenty years ago she remarried a Neilburg local.

Clearly my guides had arranged all of this and it stirred up intense emotions within me. What was it all about? I asked my guides and over the next few days the muddy water cleared.

Three decades after my encounter with Sally, I did a lot of work shifting my beliefs about my lovability. I believed I was marginally loveable and only when I was on my best behaviour. This belief germinated in my childhood but the encounter with Sally had cemented it, especially as it related to attractive women.

In the mid 1990s I shifted this belief using belief shifting methods and chose a far more functional belief to replace it. ‘I am loveable when I am my authentic self’ became my new belief and that has stayed with me ever since. The impact on my life has been immensely positive, giving me confidence and driving the desire to be authentic in all I do. My current path based in authenticity and a willingness to trust my inner guidance would not have been possible without this belief shift.

The encounter with Sally exhumed the remnants of my old belief system and allowed me to clear away the last vestiges of the dysfunctional ways that resulted.

Thank you, Universe.

Freedom for humanity…


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