The Quarantine

Lets start with a little Quarantine 101.

The last time I wrote a blog post with Quarantine in the title was three years ago and at that time I believed the cover story that the quarantine of earth and of humanity was imposed upon us by the Light to prevent humanity from exporting their war-fareing ways on the rest of the cosmos. Since then, I have learned a great deal about the quarantine and its origins.

The quarantine was imposed upon humanity by the dark, not by the Light, and its purpose is to isolate humanity and its individual members from Light based information and Light based services. Basically, the dark masters of earth told the Light that they would blow up the planet and destroy it unless the Light agreed to honour their quarantine denying information and Light based resources to the planet and to its residents, e.g. humanity. Essentially, this allowed the dark to operate here on earth outside of cosmic law; at least partially outside because no life is possible when completely outside of cosmic law.

Cosmic law is in effect throughout the Universe and many things the dark wanted to do are counter to cosmic law. I will deal with two aspects of cosmic law that are consistently violated within the quarantine. Individual sovereignty and abundance.

Individual sovereignty is the connection each of us has to Source. Within cosmic law, this connection exists in each individual and cannot be tampered with or altered in any way. In Light based civilizations, this fact is honoured and supported by everyone and every institution. The dark wanted to make humans subservient which is not possible within individual sovereignty.

Abundance is the natural order of things within cosmic law. Within cosmic law, survival is no longer an issue as all that is required to keep body and soul together is provided. Subservience is only possible where scarcity exists. Why would anyone choose subservience when they have all they need and survival is no longer an issue? They would not. Ergo, when subservience is targeted scarcity must be artificially imposed.

Okay…now that you have the basic reasons and motivations behind the quarantine lets talk about ending it.

The quarantine is a violation of cosmic law. Therefore, the key to ending the quarantine is to bring back cosmic law to earth and to humanity. On a temporary basis, I have been doing this every day in the work I do with Katelon and with others. The ending of the quarantine is partial, not complete and the same seems true of restoring cosmic law.

Soon humanity will be shifting into a Light based shared timeline. That is the ultimate solution to ending the quarantine. Instead of a partial solution, it appears that this represents a permanent solution.

Come on shift!

Freedom for humanity…


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3 Responses to The Quarantine

  1. Ines Radman says:

    Food for thought for those that believe this story. I personally feel that we are quarantined as well but that we ultimately are the ones that remove it as our energy rises. Right or wrong matters not, what matters is what you “feel”to be true.

  2. Teasy says:

    in my view, a quarantine is like a reflection of the resistance that we carry inside ourselves to that which we have experienced as separate outside of ourselves … a rift of sorts that was created to protect ourselves in that realm of separation …
    i realize that by embracing the resistance with my heart, it softens, and the veil of forgetfulness, of separation, slowly dissipates … and i find that the more people practice loving their own resistance, the faster this process brings connection and unity back into the outer realms as well …

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