Understanding the Greek ‘No’

If you want to understand the Greek referendum and the resulting ‘No’ vote a good place to start is to accept that all major media outlets in the so called free world are owned and controlled by the same forces that caused Greece’s problems in the first place. The major culprits are the world financial systems and their main benefactors, the big banks; the ‘banksters’ is a good moniker for this oligopoly.

The banksters targeted Greece seven or eight years ago and engineered a lending spree based on mortgages below prime with little or no checks and balances. Once the stage was set, they raised interest rates and sat back as failure rates went through the roof and panic ensued. This was followed by a series of bail outs where the political system in Greece was manipulated into taking on public debt and accepting the strings attached by the banksters similar to those imposed on third world countries around the world. The infrastructure of the country is destroyed (usually in the name of ‘free trade’) and the banksters are now in charge…for good…since the country is now deeply in debt (300billion euros or so) and interest charges eat up a large portion of taxation revenues.

The Greek government’s solution…declare bankruptcy. Works for individuals…why not countries? Since that would not serve the banksters and their plan to enslave the world; enter the smiling banksters and their bail-out packages along with their control of the media spouting fear based predictions designed to manipulate the politicians and people around the world to support the banksters.

The good news is the people of Greece saw through all of this and voted ‘no’ to the bail-out supporting the elected government of Greece who are trying to do the right thing and serve the people of Greece.

Doesn’t zero debt as achieved through bankruptcy seem like a better starting point for reviving their troubled economy instead of a debt of 300 billion being charged compound interest and banksters laying down terms and conditions that the government has to comply with?

The good news is the people of Greece said no to the bankster’s bail-out proposal and the even better news is that the Greek government took a stand against the banksters. The bad news is that the banksters are a patient bunch who control the media so now begins the dangerous phase won many times before by those who control the media.

I see through all of this and if you are still reading, so do you; but time is on the side of the banksters and so is the media. The Greek government had better take decisive action and quickly or they will die the death of a thousand cuts as the media and the banksters out-wait them.

Bold solutions are available. The Greek government is well aware of the surrender agreement where the Earth’s dark surrender to the Light in return for amnesty and an orderly transfer of power ensues. That is one such bold solution. Another is to switch into a Light based financial system world-wide and permanently get rid of the banksters. Both these solutions are cued up and ready to go and if one starts the process the other will soon follow.

Three cheers for the Greek people and their Light based government. What an opportunity! May this victory be the the opening that begins the soon to come shift into a Light based shared reality, into a Light based shared human timeline.

Freedom for humanity…

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  1. katelon says:

    Reblogged this on Empower and Balance and commented:
    I wanted to share this post that John just wrote. He speaks of the work we are doing together with the reset and surrender team, working to just get these things done and get the planet onto the timeline of Oneness and end the violence, poverty and greed forever.

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