Ousting the Ruling Elite – The Gestation Period

Every day for the last nine months a friend, Katelon, and I have been working toward our shared objective of ousting the ruling elite and ushering in a Light based timeline for all of humanity. It was a long distance partnership as we have not met in the physical; but with the magic of modern communications, our daily sessions would go two plus hours and lead to individual work as we supported what had been set up during our joint session.

Here is a brief synopsis of the work we did together. We worked at the etheric level, at the level of creation, and had great success at this level. The timeline we targeted was to establish a surrender agreement where the ruling elite agrees to an orderly transfer of power in return for amnesty for their many crimes against humanity. The surrender agreement was negotiated by others and signed by both the Light and the dark (ruling elite). This was all in place by the beginning of 2015. Our last six months of work targeted to manifest all of this into the physical. Manifesting the etheric surrender into the physical proved very difficult and eluded us time and again.

Last weekend this work took a dramatic turn. Katelon informed me that she was ‘beyond exhaustion’ and wanted to discontinue our daily sessions; at least in the short term. This has taken place so the joint work is no longer happening. She continues to target manifesting the surrender but my guidance is to let the matter gestate. That is the nature of etheric level work. Basically, you do the work of creation within the etheric and then respect the natural gestation period as the Universe makes ready to manifest what you have created. I remain open to doing whatever is mine to do within ousting the ruling elite so who knows; but at the moment it seems I am to take my hand off the wheel and let the Universe do its thing.

I learned a great deal during this nine months of intense focus. Anytime you target to shift a shared timeline, you can expect complications and slow progress since a shared timeline is equally available to the free will of everyone involved. The ruling elite has controlled humanity’s shared timeline for thousands of years and had been supported by off-world technologies and dark loving ETs. Much work was done by this dark collective to prevent the Light from wresting the shared timeline from them. Most of that off-world support is now gone so the ruling elite and their dark timeline is living on borrowed time. However, the dark technologies are now owned and operated by the ruling elite and they continue. Also working in the ruling elite’s favour are systemic supports such as control of the media, control of the political process, and control of the world’s financial systems.

The work Katelon and I did contributed to the forces aligned against the ruling elite…contributed to the momentum of ushering in a timeline of Light. We worked as part of a great team of Light, a great team of earth based Lightworkers and also Light loving ETs in our skies, Light loving creator gods, and Source itself. The earth’s ruling elite and their dark timeline based on duality and scarcity is living on borrowed time. How much time can they borrow…I do not know.

What I do know is that a Light based shared timeline exists in the etheric and will soon be ushered into the physical. Katelon and I made significant contributions to this timeline and we both remain committed to manifesting this timeline into the physical. At present we have discontinued our joint work but continue to work as individuals in support of an amazing Light based timeline for all of humanity. Within this timeline, the ruling elite is permanently ousted and Light based governance takes over. This Light based timeline returns earth and humanity to cosmic law and is based on abundance and oneness.

Happy days will soon be upon us.

Freedom for humanity…

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8 Responses to Ousting the Ruling Elite – The Gestation Period

  1. katelon says:

    Wonderful post. Thanks. Will reblog.

  2. katelon says:

    Reblogged this on Empower and Balance and commented:
    Nice summary of the work we did for 9 months.

  3. Judy says:

    Thank you both for work shared and the work you do separately…we have all benefited…and will continue to benefit…much appreciated…Judy

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