‘It’s Not Real’

As I continue to debrief in the lull created by the suspension of daily sessions with my friend Katelon a few days ago; I find something that keeps calling out for my attention.

As we neared a deadline for the Light to make the surrender announcement, one of several during the final 6 months we focused on this work, I was awoken in the night by the three world title (It’s Not Real) ‘spoken’ to me in a process known as clairaudience. Everyone has access to Divine guidance and it comes in four main ways…clairvoyant using sight or visions, clairaudience using sound, clairsentience using feelings or body sensations and claircognizance using knowing. The last two are both the least widely known and the most common in my personal experience. Each of us is different, however, and our  ‘favourite clair’ is one of the differences.

Why would this information come to me in a rarely used way? Because in my focused ‘project’ mode, I was not open to this information. What was being called out as ‘Not Real’? It had to do with channeled information but just what portion of the channeled information has yet to be clarified.

The work Katelon and I did together had a lot of channeling. When we were in our joint sessions, I did the channeling while Katelon did the question asking etc. In the individual work we did in support of our joint sessions, we both did channeling. Sometimes, the channeling Katelon did on her own was at odds with the channeling I did during the joint session and this was a major stressor. Also, I did many forms of channeling as we gathered information during our joint sessions. I channeled the Light (often without further individuation but sometimes a particular Light being would be identified), I channeled human beings, and I made energy readings of various individuals or situations.

In the week or so since this message was delivered to me, some things are clear and other things remain clouded. Like the rest of humanity, I live in limited consciousness so complex questions like this resist clarity. My guidance is to look at two things…my experience and supporting evidence.

Within my experience, I am very comfortable and usually accurate when I do energy readings. That is a gift I have always had and it has stood the test of time. It is not 100% and is suspect when I get attached to a particular result; but in general, it is the channeled information I most trust. All of my channeling is based on an energy read and when I channeled individuals, it started with an energy read and the words followed.

When we interacted with various humans on the surrender team, I would begin with an energy read (accurate) and put words to it (less accurate). I have no evidence that any of the human team members know of the work we were doing; nor do I believe any of the humans could access the experience of interacting with us or with each other during these sessions. At the level of their higher self, they attended but there remains a disconnect between their higher self and their human self. So their higher self would know of us and interact with us but their human self would not and because of the quarantine imposed by the dark on all of humanity, we could not yet close the loop. This is part of ‘It’s Not Real’.

Katelon and I had a very different sense of urgency. She wanted the announcement to be done now. I was more focused on doing what we could to support the team and facilitate their success knowing I/we could not make the announcement ourselves. Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages so I am not sitting in judgement. I am saying that this difference existed and was never resolved; perhaps cannot be resolved.

‘It’s Not Real’ touched on all of these aspects.

The shift into a Light based shared human timeline will happen sometime soon…of that I am certain. The work Katelon and I did during our daily sessions over a nine month period that ended a week ago made significant contributions…of that I am certain. Some aspects of that work were being referenced in the ‘It’s Not Real’ clairaudience.

In many ways, I am enjoying the reduced stress of returning to ‘doing what is mine to do’. Last night ended with a major clearing and transformation of obsolete energies so I know I am continuing to be involved and my ‘gifts’ continue to be used.

Soon the shift will happen, the a Light based shared timeline will replace the existing dark timeline. The dark will be ousted and our world will be transformed as cosmic law once again becomes humanity’s shared experience.

That will be awesome in every way.

Freedom for humanity…

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3 Responses to ‘It’s Not Real’

  1. Dusty says:

    Looking forward to the light-based timeline!

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