Into the Light

In the fall of 2005, the path I was on came to a screeching halt caused by the choices of others. I wanted to continue the path I had been on but it was dead ended and was no longer available to me. I was a year and a half into the journey of living my life’s mission and things had been going ‘swimmingly’ when suddenly, what I thought was my mission crashed and burned. Hmmm…what to do?

I knew I needed some additional skills and set out to acquire them. The Universe co-operated magnificently sending me teachers in to form of past-life journeys and meditation. These skills and experiences gave me the foundation upon which I have pursued my mission ever since.

The ending of my daily sessions with Katelon, targeting the ousting of the ruling elite and the birthing of a shared human timeline based on Light has many similarities. Again, it was not of my choosing and again, it felt like I was living my mission only to be dead-ended. Hmmm…what to do?

This time I feel I have the skills to live my mission so that is not my focus. My guidance is to continue my dedication to the target of birthing a Light based shared human timeline. That will require the ousting of the current ruling elite who have high-jacked humanity’s shared timeline into one based on darkness; one based on lies, artificial scarcity and duality. My current guidance is to express my willingness to do whatever the Light asks of me in terms of this work and to sit back and enjoy as the Universe and the Light figure out how to make use of my skill set and my dedication to the greater good.

One of the most powerful skills I have been guided to develop is the skill of going into the Light. I can do this on my own but it works much better when another is involved. I am sure it could be done with multiple people but thus far, that opportunity has not presented itself. In the eighteen months or so since developing this process, I have worked with a number of people; sometimes a single session is sufficient, others come back time and again. With Katelon, we used this process every day for nine months.

The process is for each in turn to invite in all the guides and Light beings of their choice and to define the shared space thus created. Here is my definition: ‘This is a space of Love and Light…a space where only the Light has power…a space where the darkness can observe and be informed; but only the Light has power. This is a space where Cosmic Law is in effect; and because Cosmic Law is in effect, the existing quarantine of Earth and of humanity does not exist within this space. The existing quarantine is ended and transcended as it relates to this space; and soon this space with Cosmic Law in effect and the quarantine ended will expand and become the shared reality for all of humanity.’

Going into the Light has great power. Some of the people I work with are heavily targeted by the dark and are frequently attacked by dark energies and dark entities. Once this space is invoked the darkness must leave if  asked and ask we do. Some entities are used to ‘bullying’ their way but even these are no match for this space and the Light beings we invite to join us. The dark’s power stems from the quarantine and from the suspension of Cosmic Law. We take away these advantages and when we ask the dark to leave; leave they must and leave they do!

Unfortunately, preventing future attacks is not yet available as the quarantine is still in force within this timeline. Soon that will shift and the Earth and all of humanity will return to Cosmic Law with the resulting ending of the quarantine. That is one of miracles that will accompany the shift into a shared human timeline of the Light. This miracle and many others is soon to come…and I pledge to do whatever the Light asks of me to achieve these miracles.

Freedom for humanity…

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2 Responses to Into the Light

  1. katelon says:

    Just to clarify…it was not my choosing either, to end our work together. Glad you were able to move forward and find your way to the new leg of your work. Thanks for all you are doing and have done to bring forth this new timeline of Oneness.

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