A Family Gathering

Every year for nearly 30 years, my Mum (93 years old) has hosted a summer family gathering centred around a croquet tournament. My Mum’s family (7 children and resulting descendants including 3 great-great grandchildren) now numbers well over 100 (including spouses) and about half of them attended this years gathering.

I am one of the regular attendees and have aired my non-traditional world views many times during past events so I am well known as having ‘weird views’. No one actively supports me although some have sympathies but generally, I stand alone. Most times, this is not a problem as I have considerable inner strength and do not foist my views on others unless invited or under attack.

With the recent new information (see ‘It’s Not Real’) I am in a period of reflection and reassessment…and it showed. My family is well meaning and generally well behaved but there remains an inherent opinion that they know what is best for another person. I shared this flaw, in fact actively championed it, for several decades; so I know its origins and understand it for what it is…a flawed opinion based in ego but grounded in the well meaning desire for everyone to be happy and successful within the present world-view. Within this world-view, I am certainly not successful…not yet!

When I am confident and sure of myself, I command respect and easily deal with the occasional nay-sayer…in the current reflective mode, I am a target. On three separate occasions, family members took the opportunity to attempt to ‘talk some sense into me’ and I will briefly recount each attempt.

The first attempt was from a next generation person under the guise of ‘getting more information’. I was actively guided during the interaction and ‘getting more information’ ended up as the result of this interaction. This person’s world-view is currently founded in ‘if it cannot be proven, it is not real’, and the interaction soon showed that this world-view does not stand up to the ‘heart-centred’ path upon which I am presently embarked; a path that few others, including the protagonist, understand or have experienced. Some good may come of this interaction.

The second attempt was from a same generation person using a public forum in the hopes of shifting my world-view. When confident, I can handle this type of activity and I even welcome it as an opportunity to express my world-view publicly. In the reflective mode, I soon lost it and when the ‘Universe’ quickly provided an exit opportunity, I took it. I later re-ingaged with this individual for a private session in which I expressed my desire for my sovereignty to be respected and generally made progress toward this objective.

The last attempt was from another same generation person using a private forum to continue their long-standing attempt to get me to accept things as they are and discontinue my attempts to change the world. In my reflective mode, I was unwilling to engage and simply cut the conversation short, creating my own exit opportunity.

Life in the ‘change the world’ lane is full of these types of interactions. It is all part and parcel of the existing dark based timeline where the ruling elite and their minions spend countless time and effort encouraging the masses to attack and discredit those who espouse change, knowing that each of these attempts supports the status quo and prevents the change agents from building support for their views.

Within my reflective mode, I am unsure of where I will be going next or what will be asked of me by the Light. I remain confident that I am on the right track, on the track of living my mission…which is to somehow shift humanity’s shared timeline into a Light based timeline and end the existing dark timeline of duality and scarcity.

I renew my pledge to do whatever the Light asks of me in terms of shifting humanity’s shared timeline to a Light based shared timeline.

Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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4 Responses to A Family Gathering

  1. hugs and gratitude! Victory of the Light

  2. Chris says:

    I started this journey in 2011. I really am beginning to give up. I’m tired of the hopium and carrot dangling in front of me. I’ve stopped sharing information with the few who actually seemed open minded enough to listen. I just can’t hold on much longer. I guess that will make the dark ones happy.

  3. katelon says:

    Glad you could hold your own in the midst of the challenges. I guess there is something to be said for having no family in touch with me presently 🙂

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