‘It’s Not Real’ – A Month Later

It has been about a month since I was awakened in the night by the words, ‘it’s not real’, spoken to me in a process known as clairaudience. It was only the second time in my memory that I have experienced clairaudience, auditory information from the spirit realm. I get a lot of information from the spirit realm but clairaudience is not the way it is usually delivered so when it does come in this form, I pay special attention. Combine that with the content of the message and I had a lot of work to do.

What is not real?

A couple of decades ago, Divinity began to interact with me in ways I could no longer ignore and over a period of a year or two, I left behind my agnostic ways and accepted that the spirit world was real. This threw my entire belief system into a cocked hat. If I was wrong about that foundational belief, what about the rest of my belief systems? Similarly, in 2009, I asked my Guides to understand how the human world worked and over a period of several months came to accept that humanity is presently controlled by a small self-interest group of people. After years of explaining away ‘the way things are’ as incompetence, I accepted malevolence at the very top of present day human governance. Again, if my world view was that far off, what does that mean for the rest of my belief system?

This information had the same kind of impact. What is not real and how does that affect everything I have been targeting and working toward for the last decade? In both the cases listed in the previous paragraph, what I found as I moved forward was that my core behaviours remained valid and although the new information changed everything, it also changed very little in terms of living my life or the sense of mission that has long been with me. The new information required an adjustment or two but the path I was on remained valid. ‘It’s Not Real’ is turning out to be very similar in that regard.

Some of the channeling we were doing was not real. Some of the channeling was based on imagination and what I wanted to be truth and that was the target of ‘It’s Not Real’. The overall objectives remain real. My willingness to do whatever the Light asks of me in support of those objectives remains real. My ‘gifts’ as it relates to achieving these objectives remain real.

Returning to ‘what is real’ has been my focus in the last couple of weeks and once again I am confident and centred in my authentic self. Once again, I am saying to my guides, to the Universe and to Source itself, ‘I am here, I am aware…and I renew my willingness to do whatever the Light asks of me to achieve the objective of ending the current shared human timeline based on darkness and replacing it with a shared human timeline based on Light.’

Judging by my person experience, this is being heard and is being honoured by the spirit world. Working at the level of energy is part of my gift and that has been my experience. A lot of this work takes place beyond the level of consciousness, especially so as I remain in limited consciousness along with most of humanity, and much of the work I do takes place while I am sleeping. I am blessed with the ability to easily fall asleep and in this mode, the mode of ‘doing what is given me by the Light’; I sometimes spend most of the day asleep…short naps, long naps, early to bed, late to rise…you name it; a lot of sleep time.

Yesterday was one of those days and in the last 36 hours, I have slept perhaps 24 of them. No sickness involved…just doing what is asked of me by the Light. What that may be, I really do not know. That is not mine to worry about. Mine is to do what is asked of me as humanity transitions into a Light based shared timeline.

Freedom for humanity…

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  1. dusty says:

    Great article.John

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