Living My Mission

For most of my life, I have had this sense of mission, this sense of being here for a reason, for a purpose of some kind. For decades, this vague sense was only in the background. That changed in the early 2000’s when I was in my mid fifties and in June of 2004 I honoured the growing sense that it was time to begin living my mission.

My life changed very rapidly from that decision point and a couple of years later, I found myself at the first of many ten day meditation retreats. ‘If you are going to live your mission, you will have to surrender to your inner guidance’ was the prevailing message of that first retreat. Wow…how I resisted that message but it persisted and late in the ten day retreat, I decided to honour that information and I surrendered to my inner guidance; agreeing to treat that guidance as infallible and to be followed at every decision point; no matter how difficult or resisted by my ‘small self’ guidance.

I soon learned that the power of my inner guidance was inversely proportional to attachments. If I was attached to something, a person, an idea, a project, a way way of life, anything at all, the small self had great power through that attachment and following my inner guidance was compromised. Over the next nine months, including a couple more meditation retreats, I made great progress toward ending my attachments and early the next year reached the point where I was attached to nothing, not even my mission. That is a great achievement but a fleeting one as attachments can and do arise at anytime.

Ever since then, the winter of 2007, I have lived my life targeting to have no attachments. Most of the time I am successful, ending attachments as they arise by surrendering them back to Divinity. Sometimes what I am attached to is given back to me and sometimes, it is taken from me. I have learned that when it is taken from me, it was not mine in the first place and a more appropriate replacement soon arises.

In the eight plus years since reaching this point, my mission has remained, front and centre. My mission could easily be taken from me. Like anything and everything else, I am no longer attached to my mission. However, my guidance has remained steady and unwavering as it relates to living my mission. Sometimes I go off on detours based on some attachment or another but my inner guidance brings me back and once I am aware of the attachment, I surrender it and continue to follow my inner guidance.

Occasionally, a strong attachment comes up; one I seem unwilling or unable to end on my own. This has happened three or four times during the decade or so that I have been living my life without attachments and each time, the Universe has stepped up and ended the attachment for me; either by causing a shift outside of my control or by casting me a lifeline to assist me, like a drowning man. Throughout it all, my mission has remained front and centre.

A noticeable result of ending all attachments is that my life has been greatly simplified. My job ended, my marriage ended, my circle of friends was taken from me, my finances look after themselves…my entire life has been simplified so that I can devote all of my time and resources to living my mission.

What is my mission? As I presently understand it, my mission is to end the current shared human timeline and replace it with a shared human timeline based in Light. This understanding can and has shifted over time but the essence has remained and has not changed. Doing what is mine to do within that general framework is what I spend my days and my nights doing. Things that interfere soon fall by the wayside and my focus returns to following my inner guidance…to doing what is given me to do as it relates to living the mission I somehow signed on for when I began this lifetime sixty-seven years ago.

Soon a major shift will take place and all of humanity will step into a replacement shared timeline based on truth, based on disclosure, based on love and light. I call this replacement timeline the timeline of oneness and abundance because those are two of its primary characteristics. How soon?…that I do not know but it seems likely that I will remain fully dedicated to this cause until such time as that shift takes place.

Freedom for humanity…

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5 Responses to Living My Mission

  1. swimman155 says:

    Can you please define what is included in the term “attachments”? Obviously we get attached to physical things like say, a guitar or a favorite shirt….but I was wondering if you could elaborate on other kinds of attachments. Intellectual or emotional attachments? I enjoyed your post.

  2. swimman155 says:

    John, that makes sense. Thank you.

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