Spiritual Friends

I am not a very social person, in fact some people label me anti-social. That may or may not be accurate as small talk bores me in the extreme and I soon run for cover. Before devoting myself to developing spiritually, I played bridge and my friends including my second wife came from the bridge community.

When I began my spiritual journey I ‘knew’ I would be leaving the bridge community and asked the ‘Universe’ to provide a new set of friends. One of the first was a man by the name of Mark Brewer. He was and is a longtime traveller of the spirit realms and helped me immensely, including modelling the type of spiritual friend that I aim for and have become.

A spiritual friend is someone who targets to assist another as they travel along their evolutionary path. Mark did a great job as my spiritual friend and mentor as we met weekly for about two and a half years until I moved to Calgary in 2008.

One of the biggest present day spiritual services is to assist another in having the confidence to move forward spiritually in a world that actively discourages this type of activity, including the extreme of treating spiritual travellers as mentally ill.

Spiritual friendship is a transient thing because once the ‘contract’ is fulfilled the spiritual friendship ends as there is no longer a reason to continue it. Another type of friendship may ensue but the motivation for the spiritual friendship no longer exists and the teacher is no longer bound by the ‘contract’.

Like Mark, I target to be available to anyone who has a genuine interest in their own spiritual development and who asks for my help. The ‘Universe’ is often actively involved in making these connections and in setting up the ‘contract’. Over the years I have helped many people. With some it is a single exchange…with others the contract remains active for years.

When the contract with Mark ended sometime in 2008, I wanted to remain friends but Mark knew the contract was ended and made himself unavailable. That same pattern has played out many times in my personal experience. Sometimes the other person simply leaves the friendship and sometimes I make myself unavailable in one way or another.

This recently took place with a friend I will call Bonnie, not her real name. We met almost a decade ago and I have remained available to Bonnie as she travelled her spiritual path. Each person’s spiritual path is unique and one of the things I learned from Mark is that it is not part of my contract to advise people of the path they are to take; that is up to them. What I am good at is teaching skills and techniques regarding boundary setting and steering clear of outside interference; not an easy chore in a world run by the ruling elite who rightfully fear people who develop spiritually since these people eventually become sovereign and begin to think for themselves…very dangerous to the ruling elite who want to control our world.

Bonnie came to visit me last fall, arranged by the ‘Universe’. She was about to have a walk-in experience and we did some of the necessary preparation during her short visit. A week or so later, the walk-in experience took place. Effectively, our contract was complete at that point and I have been making myself unavailable ever since.

Perhaps some day, another form of friendship will present itself and perhaps Bonnie will once again enter a phase where being spiritual friends makes sense, where a new contract is initiated. Meanwhile, each of us engages in our spiritual journey and in living the mission we came to live.

Soon, humanity’s shared timeline will shift into a Light based timeline and the existing quarantine imposed upon humanity by the ‘dark’ will end. That will open up all kinds of beautiful friendship opportunities as all of humanity will return to full consciousness and the connections between all of us will become self evident. Meanwhile, people like Bonnie and me travel our chosen path assisting others and helping humanity regain their sovereignty.

Freedom for humanity….

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