Ending the Dark’s Cover Stories

Here we are on the 14th anniversary of the events of 9/11 in the United States and we are still no closer to publicly acknowleging the truth behind those attacks. How can that be? Very simple…the same people that planned and orchestrated those infamous events also own and control the media. Those with Truth about these events are denied access to the media and those who trumpet the cover story are the only voices heard.

The 9/11 cover story is not the only cover story that has been successfully maintained for years. Some go back decades and others go back centuries and even longer. JFK’s assassination is now over 50 years old and the Warren Commission’s cover story remains in place…not necessarily believed but the one upheld by the controlled media. The ‘we are alone in the Universe’ cover story goes back to at least WWII and has been rigidly enforced by governments the world over…why? Because the few who control humanity and set humanity’s present shared timeline of duality and scarcity know that the ETs would bring free energy and abundance technologies to humanity and the few’s chosen timeline of artificial scarcity and fait money would crumble and disappear. The Vatican’s cover story regarding the meaning of the life of Jesus goes back to the fourth century AD and is still widely believed. Entire continents and the advanced civilizations that inhabited them have disappeared from physicality some 13,000 years ago and the cover story that they did not exist has been maintained. When you control the media, you have great power over public opinion.

How does humanity escape the cover stories and bring Truth and Disclosure to the collective of humanity?

I have long believed that this shift will not happen through the political process. I am presently rethinking this belief. As I view it now, the consciousness of humanity is expanding and growing and that is generating all kinds of pressures on the political systems around the world. The ETs have declared time and again that they are not going to show themselves until invited and the only people they will accept an invite from are people given power through the political process. Ergo…this shift will happen with the support of duly elected governments and not until.

Already, we have duly elected governments in some countries that have defied the few and escaped debt slavery in their country. Ecuador and Iceland are shinning examples; Greece came close with their ‘No’ vote but backed away. The BRICS Alliance has set up competing monetary systems that could be used to do away with debt slavery world-wide. Humanity’s political process is nearing that point where humanity can support and sustain a Light based shift.

Can a duly elected government succeed in bringing a Light based shift to their country? Clearly, this can be done in small countries as has been demonstrated by Ecuador and Iceland. The model is there. Can a single country bring a Light based shift to the world? That has yet to be demonstrated.

Let’s look at my country, Canada. We have a federal election coming up in a little over a month. The existing government is firmly backing the few and tightening the few’s control over Canada’s sovereignty. The media in Canada is firmly under the control of the few; including the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), which on paper is owned by the Canadian government but in practice is controlled by the few.

The political process in Canada is controlled by the few as they fund generously and expect favours in return. Occasionally someone comes along that is not backed by the few and in the three horse race that is happening in the upcoming federal election, there exists such a candidate, a young man by the name of Justin Trudeau, the son of a former charismatic Prime Minister. He used social media and existing loop-holes to gain the leadership of his party without relying on funding by the few. As such, he still has sovereignty.

Let’s follow a possible timeline where Justin is elected. A court case is on the docket supporting a return to sovereign funding of the Canadian public debt; a return to procedures used during WWII and into the 50’s and 60’s where the Bank of Canada funded the national debt and of course, did not charge interest. Let’s say Justin expedites this court case and gets a ruling in favour of returning to this system effectively ending Canada’s debt slavery. The possibilities from there are endlessly Light based.

As for the few’s control of the Canadian media…that is a different story but a Light based resolution is equally possible. Stay tuned as the shift into a Light based shared human timeline is not preventable. This is only one of the possible routes.

Freedom for humanity…

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