Chasing Ascension

In the summer of 2004, eleven years ago, I committed to advancing spiritually. Very quickly, Ascension came into my awareness and became part of my spiritual objective.

One of the resources I was guided to use a couple of years later were meditation teachers who called their targeted enlightened state ascension.  I knew there was a difference between their ascension and what I was targeting and this was confirmed by their leader when I met him in the summer of 2007. He is an expert on ways and means of controlling ones mind, a valuable and necessary skill within limited consciousness, and I will always be grateful for the teaching he and his people gave me.

We differed on one major issue. He was in the business of selling ‘enlightenment’ and believed this state was only available to most people by surrendering to an enlightened teacher, of which he of course was the prime example. This belief is quite common within the spiritual community, especially within the Eastern religions. I believed Ascension and enlightenment were more generally available, especially with the influx of helping energies that were and are being beamed our way. Further, I believed that surrendering to a human was an impediment that would have to be undone at a latter date, not an advantage. My choice was to surrender to Divinity which I had already done before meeting with this leader.

Within a year, this difference caused me to part with this group and pursue Ascension independently. A major part of my surrendered guidance was to make major changes in the spring of 2008 and I followed this guidance; leaving my marriage, quitting working for a living and leaving Toronto where I was living. I mistakenly believed that I would Ascend at that time or soon after and became attached to that belief.

Attachment to a belief is a recipe for disaster and mine came in the form of a young woman who travelled with me to my new home in Calgary. We got into a relationship and part of my justification was that she might be able to help me Ascend. I was chasing Ascension. Fortunately, the Universe sent me a lifeline in the form of a friend back in Toronto and I ended the relationship and returned to following my Divine guidance after this three month detour.

I continued to chase Ascension, contacting another leader and supporting him for a tumultuous six month stint that ended in the spring of 2011. Finally, I was able to release my attachment and although I continued to pursue Ascension, I did so within full sovereignty, finally accepting that no human could know more about what I needed to do than I knew, based on the guidance available to me from my state of surrender to Divinity.

Dropping my attachment allowed me to understand the Ascension formula much more fully. I had lessons to learn and could not do my part without learning those lessons. By the end of 2011, I had learned those lessons…one of which was the futility of relying on anyone else to guide me in my pursuit of Ascension. Another piece of the Ascension puzzle was the impediment represented by the ‘few’ who presently control humanity’s shared timeline and manipulate it to prevent humanity’s Ascension. I became fully dedicated to ending this control and ousting those who presently exert it.

When the long predicted date of Ascension, the winter solstice of 2012, came and went without noticeable change, I was disappointed but not devastated because I was no longer attached. I had ended my chase of Ascension and was allowing Ascension to come to me. Within that context, I soon learned that humanity had collectively decided to Ascend together instead of splitting in two with one part Ascending and the other part left behind. I was fine with this choice, in fact fully supported it, and threw my full resources into assisting humanity in whatever way was supported by my guidance; knowing that the danger to Ascension was now ended and it was simply a matter of time before humanity would shift into a Light based shared timeline, thus ousting the ‘few’ and ending their chosen timeline based on self-interest and artificial scarcity.

That is the process currently underway. Humanity is birthing a Light based shared timeline and the ‘few’ are struggling mightily to retain the existing timeline. The ‘few’ have many advantages but their struggle is destined to fail and I continue to do my part including what the Light asks of me to assist humanity in birthing the new Light based timeline.

Most of my contributions are ‘energetic’. I am gifted and becoming skilled at working at the level of energy and make contributions daily, creating and anchoring the new timeline within my personal space.

I also do whatever the Light asks of me.

Last night was especially intense. I woke in the night around three a.m. with intense heart chakra sensations. I knew it was energetic and not a heart attack…I got up and meditated to assist the process. As I meditated these sensations shifted to my third eye and crown chakra and slowly subsided over the period of about an hour. I asked to understand this intense episode more fully and the information streamed in. Cosmic energies are being beamed to humanity right now and it seems I was integrating some of these energies in preparation for the shift soon to come into a shared human timeline based in Light.

Freedom for humanity…


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