Supporting the Surrender Timeline

For nine months ending this summer, a friend and I worked together daily targeting to manifest a surrender timeline into physical reality. We met using Skype and used our skills and resources to further the surrender timeline. Our variant of this timeline was to assist current world leaders to use truth, including disclosure of the helping ETs, to bring about a surrender of the ‘few’ who currently control humanity’s shared timeline. This would naturally begin a new timeline based in Love and Light, bringing abundance and oneness to all of humanity and allowing humanity to return to their evolutionary path after a detour of thousands of years brought about by self interested ETs who controlled this sector of space. Those ETs have all surrendered over the past couple of decades and the surrender timeline was extending this surrender process to the last remaining holdouts…the humans in control over humanity.

In July of this summer, I received information (see ‘It’s Not Real) that parts of the process my friend and I were using was not real. My friend was not willing to explore this information and the work we were doing together soon fell apart and our communications ceased.

My response was to honour this information and proceed accordingly. Since surrendering to Divinity nearly a decade ago, life changing information such as this has often come my way and from within surrender, the information is accepted and my life course is altered accordingly. Resisting such information simply sets up a detour and creates downstream problems. The choice to surrender was in and of itself just such an occasion. I resisted it mightily but could not deny the accompanying information that surrender was the only way to live my mission, the only way to do what I came into this lifetime to do. The ‘it’s not real’ information was simply another step along my surrendered path, another fork in the pioneering path I came to blaze.

How has this choice worked out? Early on in the nine month stint with my friend I noticed a tiredness that no amount of sleep seemed to address and I attributed this tiredness to the time and energy required to do the work. Ending the work would be like a holiday, or so I thought; but it did not turn out that way. My sleep time and nights remain full of contributions at the level of energy and these contributions continue as does the accompanying tiredness. Last night was another intense night with my ‘take action now signal’ going off non-stop for a two hour period beginning around 2 a.m. I did all I could think of and all I was guided to do and asked ‘what was going on’ during my morning walk. You were integrating the incoming energies and clearing obsolete energy, was my answer. Just a continuation of the contributions you are making on an ongoing basis. Okay…thanks for the information.

What about the surrender timeline itself? This is a very complex question because so many people are involved and a level of cooperation is a prerequisite. I can deal with my personal involvement; so let’s make the question ‘what about my personal involvement in the surrender timeline?’

I was introduced to the surrender timeline in the spring of 2012. Essentially this timeline sees the earth’s ‘few’ surrender to the Light’s agenda in return for amnesty for all their crimes against humanity. The Light will never agree to a cover-up so these crimes will become part of the public record but issues such as trials and retribution will be avoided. Twice in the 40 plus months since becoming aware of the surrender timeline, I have been asked to make contributions on behalf of the Light and I have done so. In addition, I constantly refresh my support of this timeline and reaffirm my willingness to do whatever the Light asks of me when the opportunities arise.

The work my friend and I did over the nine months we worked together targeted to bring the surrender timeline into physical reality. It started off as work the Light asked me to do but once that work was done, it morphed into proactively manifesting surrender. This could have worked but required existing world leaders to come on board and this did not happen. That is when the ‘it’s not real’ activities took root. Instead of backing off and accepting that the surrender timeline would not happen until its gestation period is up, we forged ahead and got deeper and deeper into ‘it’s not real’.

I am grateful that the Universe stepped in and ended these fruitless activities and I willingly return to the status of personally supporting this worthwhile timeline while offering to do my part when and if the opportunity arises.

Returning to a shared human timeline based in Light is a given. No power on earth or in the Universe can prevent this and we are moving ever closer to this reality. The surrender timeline is one of the frontrunners in terms of ‘how’ this is done but other possibilities exist.

I end this post by reaffirming my support of the surrender timeline and renewing my pledge to do what is mine to do and whatever the Light asks of me in support of this timeline.

Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to Supporting the Surrender Timeline

  1. katelon says:

    Thanks for this information. I do need to clarify though, as you are speaking of me, and I did NOT refuse to work on this “it’s not real” information. It wasn’t clearly presented to me and I had taken my requested time off the work to heal and restore my energy and when I was fueled again and ready to return to the work, it was not available to me.

    I’m glad you were able to move forward and do the work you felt guided to do. For my part, I didn’t and don’t see that we did any work that was pushing things but just doing as we were shown from day to day.

  2. Thanks Katelon…we have worked thru some of these issues recently and I am very happy that we did so. 🙂

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