Something New

After graduating as a Chemical Engineer in the early 1970’s, I went to work for a mining company in a single industry town with the lyrical name of Flin Flon. One of the people I met was the manager and later owner of the town’s men’s wear store, a man we will call Cam. Cam was about my age, a little older, and was a natural salesman…gregarious, charming, and made friends easily. Our circles did not overlap much but he always greeted me as a long lost friend whenever we met.

We both married and began families in Flin Flon and when I left twenty years later, Cam was doing fine by every measure of secular success. Owner and chief proprietor of his successful store with a happy family life enjoying his life in the beautiful, albeit somewhat remote, northern Canadian mining town.

I have ‘serial dreams’ at times that span several hours and several sleep cycles. These dreams convey information and carry energy from other planes and dimensions. Within limited consciousness, I do not fully understand them but when I have one, I pay attention. A few months ago, Cam’s wife showed up in one of these dreams. She came to Flin Flon as a newly graduated professional a few years after my arrival, where she met and married Cam, and worked for the same mining company that employed me. We never interacted much so her visit was a surprise.

Cam showed up in my latest serial dream a couple of nights ago. His wife was there in support and his energy remained when I awoke to go about my day. I meditated to learn more and went for my morning walk. One of my current friends asked to do some work together when I returned from my morning walk and as we were sharing information, Cam and the energies of the dream remained front and centre.

My friend and I often invoke a sacred space, activated in the now, anchored in Gaia, connected with Source, completely surrounding us and growing in size and in strength. Cosmic Law is in effect within this sacred space and the existing quarantine of earth and of humanity is ended and transcended.

Several times over the past few years, I have helped people who wanted to transition into the Light to do so but Cam is not such a person. What could he want from me? What kind of help could I offer him? My friend and I invoked this sacred space and as part of our agenda, I invited Cam into this space and asked what he wanted.

‘I am recognizing the emptiness of my secular life and want your help in initiating a spiritual component.’ Okay…I would gladly do whatever is mine to do and I also offer to assist as need be as you progress. With that declaration I asked my guides and other Light beings invited into the sacred space to do whatever was necessary and once the work was done, I asked Cam to leave saying, ‘You have work to do.’

My friend and I continued with our agenda. As for Cam and his energies, both were gone. Perhaps Cam will return for additional assistance; we shall see.

Visits at the etheric level have become a welcome addition to my life’s experience. This is the first time I have been asked to assist someone who is already in the Light but has not devoted time and resources to their spiritual development. I do have expertise in this arena, and welcome such requests. Good luck Cam…may your work bring you much joy and completeness.

All part of the shifts and part of the progress as humanity shifts into a shared human timeline based in Light.

Freedom for humanity…


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  1. Judy says:

    very cool,John…Judy

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