RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia)

At the very top of humanity’s current dark rulers are a cohesive and well organized group of families with blood lines tracing back to the medieval nation of Khazaria centred between the Black and Caspian Seas. The ruling elite of this rogue nation distanced themselves from their subjects and practiced all sorts of ‘power over others’ including the murder and identity theft of travellers that pasted through their lands along the old silk road. Eventually, Khazaria’s ruthless and unprincipled ways led to their nation’s demise at the hands of the Persian and Russian empires around a thousand years ago.

Prior to occupation, the Khazarian ruling elite escaped into neighbouring countries and became Europe’s money changers. When Rothschild began his bankster empire in the 18th century, the Khazarian families became an organized force centred in the financial district of London. These became what someone has coined the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM). The RKM aligned with the British Empire builders but had their own planning and strategic arms and when independence movements began within the Empire, they used their divide and conquer skills, now finely honed, to gain control within the new countries formerly within the British Empire.

Revenge is among the highest values to the RKM and the Russians are at the top of their revenge list, both because of their defeat of the Khazarian nation a thousand years ago and because of their interference and blocking of various world takeover plans down through the centuries. The Bolsheviks were invented and controlled by RKM and the Russian Revolution is among the RKMs most accomplished takeovers. Putin is well aware that the RKM is targeting revenge against him and his nation and this is part of his motivation as he leads the fight to free humanity from the RKM’s ruthless grip.

The RKM are accomplished in black magic and use it even within their own families to gain control over future generations through ritual abuse and mind control techniques. They also aligned with the ETs who controlled this sector of space and became pawns/partners with their representatives who lived in underground bases connected by high speed tunnels around the world, especially in the US and Europe. The RKM gained many technological advantages over humanity through this affiliation. The dark ETs were targeting a hybrid race and the annihilation/subjugation of humanity until the dark ET leaders surrendered to the Light’s agenda in the mid 1990’s. The earth based dark ETs living in  underground bases went rogue at that time and did not surrender until very recently, carrying on their support of RKM and the subjugation agenda (often called New World Order). All of this means that RKM now stands alone without off-world support…a huge shift in the balance of power.

Still, RKM with the help of the US cabal, retains near total control within the US. The US military have been under RKM control but are slowly building alliances to allow them to end this control. This is an ongoing battle. The CIA is entirely under RKM control and influence so Obama must do their bidding as presidential security is under RKM control. The CIA is at the centre of the middle east terrorist campaigns including ISIS and its predecessors, funding them and providing strategic direction such as the beheading videos. Nearly all US federal politicians are subjugated by the RKM through either threats or bribery and many are out-right owned. The so-called free trade initiatives including/especially the TPP with its secret agenda of control of the internet are RKM centrepieces.

Meanwhile the Russians under Putin have formed their own ET alliance with Light loving ETs who are assisting humanity in the overthrow of earth’s dark masters so humanity can return to their evolutionary path after a very long and dangerous detour that began when the dark forces took over this sector of space thousands of years ago.

Already the Russians have gained many defensive technologies that essentially checkmate the US military’s missile systems and make their aircraft carrier technology obsolete. (Based on scrambling the electronic and guidance systems). Without off-world technology assistance, the US military cannot catch up and the arms race is effectively over.

The defeat of RKM will happen soon, either by surrender or by a Light based takeover most likely led by the Russians. Either way, humanity will soon shift into a Light based shared timeline and our long detour within the artificial timeline of scarcity and duality currently led by the RKM will soon end.

Freedom for humanity…


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