A Fly-Over

A month or so ago, Russian fighter jets flew at low altitude directly overtop of a US aircraft carrier stationed in international waters. No US jets were deployed and no missiles were launched by either side. Hmmm…what was going on here?

The Russians used new technology learned from their ET allies that scrambled the electronic and guidance systems of the US forces thus preventing them from taking any retaliatory action. This technology was turned on before and during the fly-over… and turned off soon after to allow normal functioning to resume. Demonstrating this new capability was the Russian’s purpose and they never had the intention of using force or damaging the aircraft carrier or its personnel.

The Americans were unable to launch their jets or their missiles prior to or during the fly-over. Wow…’We are sitting ducks in view of this new technology. We cannot even deploy our jets for defence!’

Lets go a little deeper into the motivation from the Russian point of view. The Russians and their ET advisors do not view the US Military as their enemy. Their enemy is the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia)…(see my earlier post on this subject) and the US cabal who are aligned with them.

The RKM has had near complete control over the US military but that control is currently being challenged by high ranking officials within the US military. This fly-over had the desired effect of strengthening the hand of those opposed to RKM control. The battle for control of the US military continues but was forever altered in favour of sovereignty being returned to the US and her military forces.

Again, deeper into the Russian strategy. A few years ago, the Russians under Putin made an agreement with Light based ETs. The Light based ETs are only willing to cooperate within Light based agreements targeting peace for humanity and governance that targets the greater good. The Russians and Putin have agreed to those criteria or they would not have been given the advanced technology used in the fly-over. Should the Russians chose to use these technologies inappropriately, the ETs will turn them off…they are on loan so to speak.

At present, very few countries have sovereign governments. Most are controlled and enslaved by debt slavery to the RKM. The Russians and their ET advisors are targeting to end all of this. The Russians are leading an initiative under the umbrella of the BRICS Alliance to shift into a new monetary system world wide which targets the end of the present world financial system run by the RKM. A major supporter of the RKM’s existing monetary system is US foreign policy backed by the US military. Thus, neutralizing the US military is an important step in this process. A financial shift could happen in some other way but the chances of it happening at all are greatly enhanced by taking the US military out of the world financial equation. The fly-over represents a major milepost in this initiative.

What is to prevent the US military from gaining technologies to combat the new Russian electronic scrambling technology. There is close to zero chance of this happening. The dark ETs who may have such technology have all surrendered to the Light’s agenda so dark ET assistance is no longer available. Aligning with Light based ETs is not an option for the RKM since their agenda is based in self interest and Light based ETs will only align with agendas based in the greater good. There is also a ‘knowing’ within the US military that the Russians want peace and will not use their technological advantages in aggressive  fashion.

It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out. The RKM is losing support rapidly around the world. Humanity is waking up and the truth is becoming more and more visible. The RKM’s illusion and the quarantine that protects it are becoming more and more endangered. The Truth will soon become self evident and the RKM’s illusion will soon be exposed. Once exposed, the RKM’s power will evaporate and disappear forever.

All of this represents a shift for all of humanity into a shared timeline based in peace…based in oneness and abundance…based in truth and disclosure…based in Love and in Light.

Freedom for humanity…


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