In 1982 I made my one and only visit to a communist country, visiting my sister and her husband then living in Zagreb, now in Croatia. At the time Zagreb was the second largest city in Yugoslavia, a communist country. A lasting impression was that the government treated visitors and foreigners better than they treated their own citizens who were constantly harassed and treated as enemies of the state.

By accident or perhaps by design, communism as practiced here on earth is a very good system for the few controlling the masses. Within communism, the few make the laws and enforce them. The few are in charge of filling vacant positions and of succession planning. The few control the media and set wage structures. In fact, the few control every aspect of life within their borders.

Some disquieting questions about communism. Who do the few report to? To a smaller few, to the people at the very top. How does a dissatisfied citizenry make changes? There is no mechanism for this within the system. In countries where changes have been made, it came via revolutionary methods, often non-violent revolutions where the people rose up in mass and said ‘No More’.

I recently learned of the strong connection between the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) and the Russian communists. The RKM is a small self-interested group of interconnected families targeting to rule the world. One of the RKM’s great strengths is a central planning system that targets the RKM’s self-interest and their agenda of ruling  the world. There are five to seven planners, appointed for life from eligible family members. They report to the patriarchs within the RKM and give the RKM an organized and unified overall strategy. This has been the case for many centuries.

After WWI, the RKM took over Russia under the umbrella of the Bolsheviks and had near total control until Stalin’s death in the 1950s. With the RKM’s control over the media on both sides of the so-called Iron Curtain, the RKM created WWII and when the Nazis were defeated, targeted an even larger war between East and West using nuclear bombs. Khrushchev foiled these plans when he proved unwilling to pull the nuclear trigger and that began the waning of RKM influence within Russia (Soviet Union).

As things have progressed, the Russians are now the least controlled and influenced by the RKM and are leading the way as humanity escapes from the RKM’s self-interested and destructive rule.

Communism has been replaced by democratic methods throughout Europe and what was formerly the Soviet Union. Communism continues in its totalitarian tradition in parts of Asia, including its current strong-hold in China.

What will happen to communism when humanity shifts into a shared timeline based in Light? Light based shared timelines are founded on individual sovereignty where each person is sovereign. This is the antithesis of the few controlling the many so communism as presently practiced will join many other forms of governance on the trash heap of failed ideas.

Interesting that the original concept for communism as proposed by Karl Marx was one of equality for all. Humanity will arrive at equality, it just will not be in the form envisioned by Marx.

Freedom for humanity…

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5 Responses to Communism

  1. Ines Radman says:

    Believe it or not, my people (Croatians) wish for Communism back because aside from being controlled and loss of freedoms, you had a full time job, your future secured, the company offered you an apartment that cost much less than market value, the list goes on and on. They liked the lazyness that Communism created and don’t like capitalism. True communism is what it is meant to be a community working together for the greater good and equality to all…it’s an ideology really because as humans we tend to want to want more or have more power…so there is always someone in the crowd that will cause problems. True communism in today’s society could not function, we are greedy and materialistic, without competition there would be no incentive to do better. In communist countries, you have no incentive to do anything, you simply follow orders. Good post.

  2. dannychau says:

    Communism is a bastardised version of unity consciousness taken from within our divinity which exist only in this 3rd dimension duality as a distorted form of the real thing. One thing we have to remind ourselves with is that we are already complete, perfect and whole and we willingly to experience the ‘idea of separation’ as a form of amusement because we can for we are divine and eternally ‘be’.

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