Barbie’s Halloween

One of the things I am guided to do is to help others make progress along their evolutionary path. One such person is Barbie, a pseudonym, and we have worked together for over 20 months.

Progressing along one’s evolutionary path requires two things…individual sovereignty and authenticity. Although this statement is self-evident, it also requires some explanation in today’s world. Individual sovereignty is being your own boss, reporting directly to Source in whatever form Source takes in your personal experience. A person can be sovereign without having liberty and many have made great progress along their evolutionary path while imprisoned or enslaved in one way or another. Authenticity is being who you are, expressing yourself from the level of your soul.

One of the reasons Barbie and I have worked together for so long is that she has a very high and reoccurring level of dark interference in her experience. I have some skills in clearing dark interference and that is often part of the work we do on any given day.

A quick tutorial on clearing dark inference. The earth and humanity are under a quarantine that goes back many thousands of years. After the dark took over this sector of space, they imposed a quarantine by threatening  to destroy the planet (the dark had the necessary technology) unless the Light honoured the quarantine. This quarantine still exists but is waning. Within cosmic law, which exists everywhere outside of the the quarantine, invading and interfering within another’s personal energy field is not allowed. My methods are based on invoking cosmic law within my field and within the field of the person I am assisting and then requiring interfering and malevolent energies/entities to leave. This process works very well and is growing in strength and effectiveness as humanity progresses along the path of ending the quarantine.

Barbie’s most recent experience of malevolent interference began on Halloween day, the last day of October on Saturday. She had planned a fun evening with her boyfriend and his daughter but her guides soon excused her from the festivities as dark forces used the occasion to invade the personal space of both her and her boyfriend. Barbie was unable to clear the interference on her own and asked for my help on Tuesday but our Light based guides intervened to allow Barbie to do some important work that benefited from the threat posed by the interfering forces. Thus, we did not clear the interference until Wednesday.

We followed our normal process on Wednesday and after the interference was cleared, I was asked to check out Barbie’s field before ending the process. Barbie gave me permission and I found a new guide in Barbie’s field. The guide communicated with me telling me that he had been called in ‘because the interference was particularly powerful and malevolent and he ‘kept the ship (Barbie) afloat’. Now that the interference was cleared, he was leaving as his purpose is complete.’ I asked if we should do anything further and was told that our normal processes would suffice; and that the day’s delay in doing the clearing was orchestrated by the Light as Barbie’s process benefited; but more details were not made available.

The tell-tale symptom of malevolent interference for Barbie is anxiety and she let me know later in the day that her anxiety was gone, confirming the success of our work.

One of the targets for the work Barbie and I are doing is to protect her from further interference. Until the quarantine is ended, this does not seem possible. Interference is a fact of life in my personal experience and my approach is to clear it on an ongoing bases…that may be as good as it gets within the quarantine.

Barbie is a very powerful person at the level of her authentic self. The dark knows this and is very threatened by the work she is doing; ergo, the high and reoccurring levels of interference. We are nearing the point where Barbie will break free either because humanity breaks free or because Barbie completes a key section of her person journey. I am privileged to have a front row seat.

Freedom for humanity…


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