Freedom From vs Freedom For…Canadian Election

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One of the most important lessons I learned after beginning this blog in December of 2010 was the importance of being ‘for’ something. If you are targeting positive change, it is not enough to be against something; you also have to know what you are for. Against or ‘freedom from’ is bourn of negative energy, usually fear, but can also be things like jealousy, insecurity etc…always from the negative spectrum. Freedom for is bourn of positive energy, such as love or oneness, generosity etc…always from the positive spectrum. It is easy to be against something, being for something takes more thought and preparation.

Moving away from something you don’t like is often a rudderless action and once achieved, you can be poorly placed unless you have done your homework and know what you want instead. When I began writing this blog, I knew what I did not want, self-interested people…

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