Paris Attacks – RKM False Flag

I was out walking when news of the Paris attacks broke and did not hear about it until I got back. Immediately, I ‘knew’ the attacks were a false flag, planned and orchestrated by the dark, and blamed on middle eastern terrorists; but there were many unanswered questions such as how did this fit into the dark’s nefarious plans?

Many internet sources have confirmed the false flag and finally, this morning, in came the missing piece of information. Steve Beckow (Golden Age of Gaia) has done a brilliant job of sleuthing and putting together the puzzle and the missing piece came from him.

The Paris attacks were planned and orchestrated by the very top of the dark matrix, by the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) to quarantine the UN Climate Summit taking place in Paris from November 30 – December 11. The RKM and their stooge the French President want to maximize their control during the summit and the false flag attacks give them the hysteria and therefore the excuse to put Paris in lock-down during the summit. If all goes according to RKM plans, the summit will agree to a world governing body under the guise of carbon emission control and the RKM plan to take over that body and use it as the base of their New World Order. They have lots of experience taking over legitimate agendas and using them to forward their ongoing plans to gain ultimate world wide control. By quarantining the climate summit, they hope to force through world wide legislation furthering these aims, under the guise of climate control. Of course, many other benefits were gained by the dark through the Paris attacks; but this is the centrepiece.

Okay…now we know the agenda…now what?

Lets put the situation in proper context. First, the dark, including the RKM, is quickly running out of time. Their support and influence diminishes daily as the power of the Light increases. The success of this particular agenda will not decide the matter, in fact, the dark and the RKM cannot ultimately succeed no matter what happens in respect to climate change legislation.

Second, carbon control is a red herring. Technology exists that can easily meet all of the world’s needs without a single carbon atom being burned. This source is currently being repressed by the RKM; but will soon become wide-spread. This source is free energy and is encoded in abundance in all of space. Utilizing free energy is completely safe and pollution free…so climate change itself is based on misinformation and disinformation.

In conclusion…we do not have to worry too much about the results of the climate summit. Just stay the course and oust the RKM and their self-interested allies.

Freedom for humanity…

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