Friday the 13th

Let’s start with a little history lesson. Friday the 13th got its ‘unlucky’ reputation from something that took place on Friday, October 13, 1307…over seven hundred years ago.

Philip the Fair, a nickname based on his good looks since he was a very dark persona, was the King of France. Within his kingdom, one of the largest of his time, resided an order of the church known collectively as the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar were not under royal jurisdiction, reporting instead to the Church, a powerful force at the time, and the Templars provided certain checks and balances; especially within France, their headquarters. Their origins were based in the crusades from which they derived their wealth and influence, and Philip was substantially in their debt.

Philip plotted the demise of the Knight’s Templar and moved against them on Friday the 13th, arresting hundreds of Templars throughout France, including the leaders, and tortured them into false admissions of heresy. Heresy was a serious offence in those days and the Church regularly held inquisitions to combat it. Later when the leaders recanted their false admissions Philip burned them at the stake. The Church could find no recourse and the order of the Templars was disbanded with surviving members absorbed into other orders. The Templar Knights were no more.

It is my understanding that the Templars continued in secrecy. They were freed of their obligations to both church and state and concentrated on the being servants of the Light. At this time, they are very much a part of the Light forces, especially in the esoteric and etheric realms. More on this story will soon be written.

When the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) planned and orchestrated the recent Paris attacks, they chose Friday the 13th to do their dirty work. This was no accident, as they hoped to tap into the dark success of Philip’s brutality on that fateful Friday the 13th in 1307. Perhaps the Khazarians were part of the planning and execution of the Templars demise. They have a history of aligning with darkly inclined monarchs and Philip certainly fit that bill.

A strong Light based shift has emerged within my personal energy field in the last couple of days. The energy of the weekend was ‘oh no…here we go again’; but that shifted on Monday and grew stronger ever since. Now, there is an overwhelming sense of an eminent Light based result.

It seems the forces of Light have been catalyzed by the brazen and desperate dark events in Paris on humanity’s most recent Friday the 13th.

Freedom for humanity…

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3 Responses to Friday the 13th

  1. It seems their attempt at “reminding” us of a fearful past has only strengthened our resolve–and our Light!


    With Love,


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